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Thread: Build your own switchback - turn/running flasher controllers

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    You should check out McMaster-Carr. It is a US
    company but I checked on couple web sites who members
    live in canada and they got shipments w/o any
    problems. They have EVERYTHING!!! Give them a call to check.
    330-995-5500. Also look at web site.

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    QC, Canada
    I've asked McMaster twice in the past 3 years and they don't deliver to residential addresses outside USA. Only commercials. It's not clear on their website which is why I asked twice, just in case they changed mind.
    But that's ok, I have still some tire repair rubber cement, I'll use that.

    Will start dismentling the Eagle Eyes later this week or next w-e (as soon as I get my new soldering iron). I expect 6 to 10h of work on these.
    818 chassis #181 powered by a '93 VW VR6 GT3582R ~400whp/wtq+
    '05 Scoobie 2.5RS Wagon
    '12 KTM RC8R
    '04 Kawa ZZR600, slightly upgraded

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    If you make your own PCB using toner transfer process, don't forget to use paint or some app to mirror the image before you print your toner paper. ...

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    If you are assembling from my pictures and drawings - please take note. Q2 the BS170 transistor comes in different packages. Some have a flat face, round back side (TO-92 case style). Others have a larger flat face and a smaller flat back instead of round. The drawing that shows parts layouts, shows the top looking down and the rounded side of Q2 faces away from Q1 - this is the correct orientation.

    With the round back it is easy to identify the front/back. And the numbers are printed on the flat side. With the large flat and smaller flat back, the numbers may be printed on the back side, which can lead you to install the transistor backward.

    The photograph of my boards shown above are built with the confusing transistor style, with the printing on what would normally be the rounded side the TO92 style case. So my transistor as shown in the photo has the back facing up (with the numbers visible).

    If you have the TO92 style BS170 with a flat on one side only, then you need to mount the transistor with the flat facing down, where you will NOT see the printed info on the part.

    A forum member found this out for us the hard way... I'm so used to these parts it didn't cross my mind to cover this before.

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