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Thread: 818 won't start

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    I think the next step is to install new plugs just to rule out 4 plugs that would have had to foul at the same time.

    Just to be clear, if we have 12v with ignition on at the coils, that confirms that it's not a ground issue at the coils, right?

    I think we neee to order new plugs and new coil packs. It's time to start throwing parts at the car.
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    Could still be an issue coils receive 12v, ground and a ECU signal. The coils ground to the large o-ring on the intake. I suspect the engine harness wasn't changed during the wire diet though but worth checking. Also check the grey and brown connectors to the engine harness to make sure no pins are bent.

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    Sorry brown, black and grey connectors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve91T View Post
    If the timing belt or chain broke (it's new and was replaced while he was building the 818, or just before), we would have piston to valve contact and the engine woild be locked, correct?
    No, the engine will still crank but the pistons will have bent the valves and the engine not be producing compression. No compression = no explosion. It's a long shot but you could try doing a compression test to rule that out. HF sells a cheap tester.

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    Going back to ground zero...the car was at the detailer, idling, and just quit....did the detailer wash the car? Was he cleaning the engine too? If he had a power washer and shot water into a vent or directly on the engine you could have electrical problems from water in the wiring. Or knocked a sensor loose, all sorts of things.

    This post at LegacyGt made me think of this:

    "Ok its fixed. Turns out with the week straight of rain that we had water seemed to find it way in the hood scoop down the plug wires all the way to the coil pack. After changing the first plug on the passenger side front with no issue I started to pull the wire off the coil pack in the back. As it came loose I felt water drip out of the wire. After further inspection I found that there was water all the way up the wires for almost two feet. I figure that after taking the engine cover off cause of fitting issues with the perric tmic water was able to find its way into the wire cover that protects the plug wires. Seeing as I dont really drive this car but on the weekends, as it sat all week the water just kept finding it way down.
    So I pulled all the electrical tape off as far back as I could and re taped the crap out of the wires all the way down to the coilpack lead. I am hoping that this will keep it dry. I guess I am going to do a little trimming so that I can get the cover back on. And here I thought it was only for looks.
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    Thanks for all of the great help guys! We clearly have a bunch of digging to do. Of note, the spark plugs are new. I don't think the detailer washed the car, but I'll verify.

    Art, thanks for offering to stop by, I may take you up on that.

    So I guess we need to focus our time on the coils and ECU grounds.

    The car is 1.5 hours away from me right now so unfortunately I can't just go out to the garage and work on it. I'll keep you guys updated and appreciate any more suggestions.

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