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Thread: SMG Motoring's 33 Hot Rod Build

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    SMG Motoring's 33 Hot Rod Build

    Some of you may know me but most of you do not, I am Fred Jr. of SMG Motoring Inc. in Mendon MA, located about 45 mins north of Factory Five. Over the past several years we have had the task of tuning some of FFR's house cars for events like the Hot Rod Power Tour, SEMA, UTCC and others. We have also tuned and worked on quite a few local FFR cars for customers over the years. I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of you either at SEMA or while traveling with Factory Five on the Hot Rod Power Tour.

    This year we (SMG Motoring Inc.) have decided to venture into building FFR cars, beginning with our own 33 Hot Rod project. This car is available for sale and will be getting one of the new steel bodies upon their arrival. The car will be in the Factory Five booth at this years SEMA Show and will likely be the first completed Steel Bodied FFR 33 Hot Rod available for sale on the market.

    The drivetrain of our hot rod will consist of an LS Engine and 4L60e transmission putting power to the ground through the new '15 and up Mustang IRS. It is yet to be decided if the car will have some sort of forced induction, or will be naturally aspirated, but we at SMG are horsepower addicts so the car will not disappoint in that department. Stopping the car will be a set of Wilwood Brakes on all four corners. The car will also be equipped with Air Conditioning and a removable soft top.

    I wanted to post briefly to quickly introduce our new build and thank you all in advance for taking the time to look through our thread. Throughout the entire build we will be posting video's and photos of the process as well as helpful tips we have developed to help those of you working on your own FFR project in your home garage. Tony Z. of Factory Five has also asked us to post some short informational and tutorial videos of some the more technical points in the build and we hope you all enjoy and can learn from those.

    We look forward to sharing our build with all of you and if you have questions or would like to have us video a point in the build that you could use assistance with please ask us!

    I will be posting an introductory video in the next few days which will give you a little background on myself and what we do here at SMG Motoring as well as show you some of the beginning stages of our build. Here is a picture of our crew with the bare chassis.

    SMG Motoring Inc.
    Custom Performance Vehicles

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    Good Luck Freddy, I am sure it will be amazing.
    FFinisher/AKA RE63

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