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Thread: the Coupe of Coupes

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    the Coupe of Coupes

    Checked of a bucket list item today.


    Making progress on the "My Coupe, my way" project.

    Coupe #386,17" Team III 245 FR 315 RR, 3-link, T5, 4 wheel disk, power brakes/steering. Fast EZ EFI
    First start Sept. 18 2013 First go kart Sept 19 2013

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    We saw this car 2-3 years ago at the DC auto show. I was amazed at the shape it was in. On one hand, it was cool that it was so original, but OTOH, I think it could at least be cleaned up a little. I remember looking at the headers and thinking they could definitely use a rattle can of paint.
    FFR MkII, 408W, Tremec TKO 500, 2015 IRS, DA QA1s, Forte front bar, APE hardtop.

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