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Thread: Home at last!

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    Home at last!

    Well we picked up my289 usrrc complete kit Monday am. We've got about 1/2 the inventory done and as a reward, we installed the front suspension. There are a couple of nuts that I can't get a torque wrench on, so I just tightened the snot out of them. I'm going to start a blog this weekend and I'll post some pictures.

    Should be fun.

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    Cool, welcome to the madness!

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    Post some pics !And congrats
    MK III w/3 link

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    Congrats and welcome to the 289 club!

    Have you settled on the motor and finish plans yet?
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    Welcome! There are only a handful of us 289 owners out there. I can't wait to follow your progress. Front suspension on....that's a good start!

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    Awesome! Welcome home, and congratulations on getting started with your 289.

    I look forward to following along with your build. As japollon mentioned, there aren't a great deal of 289 builders out there, so it would be great to read a build thread!

    Good luck with your build!



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    Welcome from another 289 builder! Have fun, and don't be afraid to ask questions. There are a few detail differences with the 289. Be sure you have the latest 289 addendum to the instructions. There are a handful of us in various stages of build right now. I'm very close to first prime.

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    Very cool! Will be following.

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    Welcome to the 289 crew!
    FFR8551 289 FIA build in progress.

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