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Thread: New MA inspection process Oct.1st

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    New MA inspection process Oct.1st

    Any concerns with our Roadsters sidepipe DB ? Same sound car was designed with back in 65. MA emissions exempt build. New inspection process has cameras in the test bay. Inspection focus on modified exhaust sound, window tint, lifts, lowers.
    Good to August 18 anyway. Bill
    FFR 7644 MK IV. Coyote 5.0, Boss 302 Intake, Tremec TKO600, 8.8 rear 3 link, 3:55, Koni's, Wilwood brakes, 17" Halibrands, Nitto NT555's, SS side-pipes. Victory Red, dark silver stripes. Painted dash. A dream come true.

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    Add plate legibility to the list. I lost my single green plate this past month rejected because it was too faded.

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    I have a manta kit car that went through the State Police inspection about 13 years back. Went regular inspection for a few years with the sniffer test machines, and then they transitioned to the "older" new system (about 10 years or so ago) and I had to goto the MAC center inspection. At which point I got a emissions exemption etc for Kit car and due to age of engine/car/etc.
    For past 8-10 years I have been going to regular inspection station with no issue as emissions exempt. On Oct 10 2017 I went to get new sticker and the computer said I need to goto MAC again. I could not event get a rejection sticker. Simply could not process the car.

    So I call the MAC number and get a range of answers depending on who I speak with. 1) It is a computer glitch go back and try again. or... 2) You need to get into new system and need to goto MAC once again...or.. 3) I will need to goto MAC every year moving forward.

    They are supposed notify me for an appointment....is this happening to everyone that has a kit car?

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    A new subcontractor is doing the work for the MAC. I spoke to my guy and he was going to be losing his job, probably for the new guys are operating from a coldstart will take them a little time to get up to speed I hope they give the service of the previous contractor did my guy was great for me.

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    Yup, the contractors for Parsons were professional and good to work with. But, I do not understand why I need to redo the process back to square one, since I thought this was a state regulation/process. In the mean time I can not legally drive my car since the sticker is past EOM and I do not even get a rejection sticker. NADA.

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