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    No phone number for customer service. I hope you like email!

    Here is how they're willing to treat customers over SIX DOLLARS in parts...

    Ordered some parts that didn't fit, was told they were for NA cars and I that I ordered the wrong parts. Except that my original email included a screenshot of the invoice for part numbers...and included "2006 SAAB 92-X H4 Turbocharged" in the grab.

    Got a "sorry for your luck, order the right parts, ship the old ones back at your expense if you want a refund, and MAYBE we'll issue one in a few days...for the parts only."

    Replied pointing out their mistake and articulating (best I could) my disappointment. Six days, no response. One last try this morning before I start spending more of my money at my local shop. Best part? MAYBE six dollars worth of wheel seals. Less than that for them. Cost me 35 at the local shop, but at least they worked with me to get the right parts. They had the same seals as RockAuto with the same application mistake. But didn't imply I'm an idiot.

    Wish me luck.

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    Well guys, most disappointing adventure ever. Their ultimate position is that for some reason, my turbo car has non-turbo axle bearing carriers. Thus, they sent the right parts for a turbo and I ordered the wrong parts for MY turbo car. Because some guy at WSJ said so. Why is this ridiculous?

    Because I sent them links (included at the end) that show them even if I DID have the wrong carriers, they are exactly the same for NA and turbo cars according to the company that BUILT them and the largest Saab parts distributer I could find. I even included a link to a reputable auto source that the Saab is, in fact, a WRX and that my secondary parts source is accurate and legitimate.

    I asked for a small discount on my next purchase ($10 bucks...6 for parts, 4 for my time and aggravation...and they didn't even offer me 6) and was essentially told to go pound sand. I can still return them if I pay for shipping, which will net me approximately a negative dollar. If this were a clutch, I'd be stuck taking a loss on shipping two ways because I'd actually get something back.

    I didn't go this far because I care at all about $6. We all know I'm going to buy more than six dollars worth of parts I don't need (see my question on the sway bar, looks like I have 15 bucks in mounts I won't be able to use). But when I alerted them to a part problem, they blamed me. I wanted to know why, and whether I could trust them with future transactions. The answers are "they don't care", and "no". I left this post for community awareness, as I have seen them advertise here in the past.


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    RockAuto-Good for looking up parts (except maybe in your case)
    Amazon-Usually cheaper, always faster.

    Knowledge is good-Faber.

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    This was a concern of mine almost a year ago and everyone thought I was just blowing wind! They'll never get another dollar from me!

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    glad you posted this. I was going to do a full power steering system with them. I then thought if I have a problem I may be left to fend on my own. I am going to do my system from a local autoparts store. If it fails I can go back to the store for a replacement.
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    I have learned a great deal so far during my build (818S) - one thing that I have really come to appreciate is the niche of local automotive parts dealers and specialized services that are available in my area. Granted, this may not be the case in some of the more rural locations but the ability to develop a personal relationship with the guy/gal that can get you parts or services goes a long way.

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    I've used Rock Auto a handful of times over the years and haven't been terribly impressed. Shipping times were almost always wrong, occasionally the parts were wrong (and you get zero help on that end). I don't feel they're worth the aggravation. I try to support local as much as possible. There's a lot to be said for customer service.

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    I can say in general that I've been satisfied with my experience at RockAuto...but then, they've never f'd up. I wasn't going to bump this thread, but since it's generated some interest....

    I ended up calling WJB after searching through THEIR parts listing. The interchange list that they got appears to be wrong, and they are investigating (supposedly). Super nice guys, very helpful, agreed that I could be right. Ultimately, I'm not sure how much effort they'll put into this, as I'm talking about an 11 year old model that wasn't very...plentiful...to begin with.

    The problem seems to be that somebody listed parts for the STI as the same for the 92X Aero, and the 2.5i as the same for the 92X Linear. So the Aero has the wrong parts from the get-go (STI was never rebadged as a Saab).

    They made the mistake of non-turbo/turbo instead of the actuality of non-turbo/turbo/BIGGER turbo.

    RockAuto won't do anything for me, but as soon as (if) I get confirmation from WJB, RockAuto will certainly get a big fat "I told you so."

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    Those that know me and know what I do realize I am a bit biased :>) I believe in supporting your local stores versus on-line purchases. Amazon is trying desperately to break into the auto parts world and are negotiating with local chain stores for immediate pick up and possible delivery. This would solve the wait a day or more for your parts. Waiting a day or more may work for the individuals but they need to figure out how to appease the shops. If they have a car on the lift and it needs a part, they need it asap to free up the lift.


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    No joke. For a short while I worked part time (3rd job) at a machine shop, and NAPA always had a guy (or gal) ready to drive some parts over for us.

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    I'm not getting gray, I'm adding chrome....

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    LOL, whatever happened to that guy who knew every part and could match anything to whatever you needed... Oh ya that's when there were only three car company's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flynntuna View Post
    LOL, whatever happened to that guy who knew every part and could match anything to whatever you needed... Oh ya that's when there were only three car company's.
    Yeah, maybe they can't do that anymore, but my local guys helped me go through a bunch of boxes of wheel seals trying to figure out which ones might work. Spent maybe a half hour back there with me. Can't buy that on the internet.

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    I will say that RockAuto helped me today. I was about to order some new brake calipers for the Hot Rod from Summit Racing and decided to check Jegs for the price. Found they were a bit cheaper so I did a quick Google search and found they were even cheaper on RockAuto. I pointed it out to Summit and they price matched for me. So RockAuto saved me $40.00 today.
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