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Thread: Rumbles Build

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    Rumbles Build

    The Rumbles Build Journal document in now online!

    I have finished my Rumbles Build Journal and put it online for all to download. I've collected, edited, and reformatted all my content from my Rumbles Build thread on into a printable Rumbles Build Journal.PDF document. Its over 110 pages long and contains 140+ illistrations.

    Click here to download the "Rumbles Build Journal.PDF" document

    journal title.jpg
    Here's the Table of Contents:

    70 Days to Roadworthy
    1/23/10 - My Kit is in the mail4
    1/24/10 Preparing the Rear-end. 4
    1/25/10 Received My Hot Rod Kit Tonight5
    1/26/10 (Day 1) Eliminating the AC and PS pumps on a 4.6 DOHC. 7
    1/29/10 (Day 4) Inventory is completed. 8
    2/7/10 (Day 13) Allot has happened over the past 2 weeks:10
    2/8/10 (Day 14) I received 2 deliveries today:11
    2/12/10 (Day 18) My frame is back from powder coating.12
    2/13/10 (Day 22) Wheels and Tires. 13
    2/17/10 (Day 23) Been making some progress on assembling the chassis. 14
    2/18/10 (Day 24) It’s Nervous System is Alive!15
    2/20/10 (Day 26) The Rapid Flasher problem is fixed!15
    2/24/10 (Day 30) The Eagle has landed!16
    2/26/10 (Day 32) Firewall is in. 17
    2/27/10 (Day 33) The Engine is in. 18
    3/5/10 (Day 38) Engine Management System is done. 20
    3/7/10 (Day 40) The engine cooling system is done. 22
    3/8/10 (Day 41) The exhaust, battery and drive shaft are done. 23
    3/9/10 (Day 42) Critical Path ahead. 24
    3/10/10 (Day 43) Air Intake System.. 27
    3/12/10 (Day 45) Finished the fuel line. 28
    3/14/11 (Day 47) The Moment of Truth. 28
    3/15/10 (Day 48) I got my Pivot Sleeves. 29
    3/29/10 (Day 66) Working My Way Down the Punch list29
    3/31/10 (Day 67) Last few items to get it on the road. 34
    4/1/10 (Day 68) Doors…Doors…Doors….. 34
    4/5/10 (Day 70) Installed the trunk lid, cockpit tin and windshield. 40
    It’s Roadworthy!42

    Cruising and Tweaking the Details
    4/29/10 Alignment problem.. 44
    5/23/10 Refining the Door Latch System.. 44
    5/25/10 Fuel Tank Venting and the Filler Neck. 45
    6/3/10 I Got My Plate. 46
    6/22/10 Herky Jerky Speedo. 46
    6/24/10 Speedometer Problem Fixed. 47
    7/2/10 Interior is complete. 48
    7/13/10 Fixed the Front Alignment51
    7/14/10 Simple Front Alignment with 4 Common Tools. 51
    8/21/10 Hood and side Covers. 54
    9/13/10 Hood Stops. 60
    9/23/10 Fitting the Hard Top. 62
    10/26/10 Final Trim and Mounting the Hard Top. 64
    11/26/10 Installing the Power windows. 65
    1/22/11 Tips on the Willwood Braking System.. 67
    2/19/11 Momma Needs Bling. 68
    3/2/11 Battery Tray. 70
    5/23/11 Sound Deadening. 71
    5/30/11 Final adjustment of outside door handle. 73
    5/29/11 Final power window adjustments. 74
    6/1/11 Weather stripping the doors. 75
    Some Assembly Required….. 80

    Bodywork, Paint and Reassembly
    The Paint Scheme. 83
    Selecting a Body Shop and Painter. 88
    3/22/11 Body Work Update. 90
    3/27/10 Son of Blob. 91
    4/2/11 I See Red!92
    4/4/11 The Hard top is done. 94
    5/1/11 On the Road Again. 95
    5/4/11 Glamour Shots. 96

    List of additional items you need for the build
    Tips for reliable running gear
    G Backe.jpgG Fronte.jpgEngine.JPG
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Administrator 65 Cobra Dude's Avatar
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    Great work Bill. This should help the first time builders and shows that it still is a "build it yourself" car.


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    Watch out Fabio. there's a new coverboy in town!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    All toys still in the Scuderia!

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    I installed the PowerStop brake pads and rotors on all 4 corners today. I have just 2 words to describe them "Problem Solved"!

    Even in the first few break-in hard stops, I was able to lock up the tires on dry pavement. That's a first!

    The difference is dramatic. They feel like power brakes. It takes far less pedal pressure and the stopping power modulates well too.

    That was the best $160 I ever spent.

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    I really enjoyed 2011 SEMA. But what sticks in my mind the most, is this photo. It was great finally meeting you all in person at the FFR builders dinner.

    Dan Ruth (KGB911) in front, From the left, Kai (Kai-Rod), Erik (ehansen007), Can't remember, George (Arrowhead), and Bill (Rumbles)
    33 Builders at 2011 SEMA.jpg
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    WOW!! nice looking 33HR you got there Rumbles. It all comes together very nicely when you finally get-er-done! Enjoy the heck out of it and hope to see more pic's of you on here in the future! P.S. Drive it like you stole it!!

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    Bill, Great job!!! Love the paint scheme Amazing how fast you built your car and Build Journal is really great.

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    Hi Bill, Thanks for the update on your '33. Did you ever do any changes to spring or shock rates/settings? Dan has helped me pick shocks for my car and I'll be ordering them soon.

    Best regards, Tom

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    I thought about changing to softer springs in the back. But over time the suspension seems to have loosened up. Its not bad now.

    Part of the problem is there is very weight hanging over the rear of the car. I carry a complete tool bag and and jacks in rear most lower section of the trunk. I carry enough tools and jack so I could just about dis-assemble the entire car. The total weight of the tools is probably 70-80 lbs. Over the past 4000 miles, that balast improved the ride and broke in the shocks as well.

    I plan to leave the rear shocks/springs as is now.

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    EFI Rules and Carbs Drool Arrowhead's Avatar
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    Thanks for posting the picture Bill, I was hoping it would turn up sooner or later. I think Ken was the guy in the middle. He is local to Vegas building a hot rod.

    Car looks great BTW, hope to see it in person sometime.
    Arrowhead's '33 Hot Rod Build Site:

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    Hi Bill, Well maybe I should just gain some weight!!! That should happen over Christmas!

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    Actually, the PIC is ehansen007's. It was buried in photo album.

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    I've been installing the optional FFR tail pipes this week. I'm hoping that will quiet down the cabin a bit.

    Does anyone know if the FFR tail pipes are stainlesss steel?

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    I ordered the wide ones and they are stainless. Down loaded your build and have learned a lot of good stuff. It will help me plan ahead before making any mistakes. Thanks, John B.

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    EFI Rules and Carbs Drool Arrowhead's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Stillwater, NY
    You'll love the rear exit exhaust, it made a huge difference when I finally got around to installing mine. It's quieter and sounds way better.
    Arrowhead's '33 Hot Rod Build Site:

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    I'm on vacation this week, so got the tail pipes installed today. I tested my pipes by sanding a small spot and leaving a wet & salty rag on it overnight. There were no rust spots, so it must be staineless steel.

    I sanded and polished the pipes to a nickle like finish. You can see the before and after below.

    Arrowhead, you are right, the tail pipes have a much more civilized zooomy note.

    The only problem is that the right tail pipe passes very close to the fuel lines. Tommorrow's project is to move the fuel line to where they should have been all along, on the driver side of the chassis.

    tail pipes.JPG
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    An easier test as to whether they are stainless or not would be with a magnate.

    MKlll, 33 Hotrod, RF GT40
    Hang Up and Drive

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    Chuck (Slim Pickins)

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!! First time user of the forum. To stubborn to learn how (old timer here), I could have saved myself several headaches. Just took my 33 Coupe No. 135 for its' first shake down ride this past weekend. Several things I can improve on thanks to your efforts. Thanks again!!

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    Kit Car Nationals in Carlisle PA May 18-20

    Anyone going to the Kit Car Nationals in Carlisle PA May 18-20?

    Weather permitting, I plan to drive my '33 up from Charlotte.

    Also, I'll be doing a seminar on Saturday Morning called "Build your Kit Car Fast: 70 Days from Crate to Cruise-in"

    For more info, go to

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    caught a glimpse of your instrument panel. Did you make? have made? can i get one? any ideas to make better? thanks, Todd.

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    The gauge panel was from Haynesline.

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    Sent you a few bucks via PayPal for your manual. Do you by chance know the info for your horn assy? I definitely do not want a dash horn button and liked your idea much better. Thanks for the journal!
    FFR HR #530
    Race car theme, Tim Whitaker roll bar, Autometer Autolite Gauges, Satin Black, SBC 383/700R4, 8.8 rear with Cobra Brakes, 3.29 gear, Boyd Tank, QA1 springs and shocks,

    My build blog:

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    Quote Originally Posted by maczter View Post
    Sent you a few bucks via PayPal for your manual. Do you by chance know the info for your horn assy? I definitely do not want a dash horn button and liked your idea much better. Thanks for the journal!

    The steering wheel that FFR provides is a Grant. There is a matching horn button. See ->

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