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FFR Truck Returns from SEMA 2011

The Factory Five truck arrived this morning after three weeks on the road. We delivered Hot Rods to the Speed Channel show “Car Warriors” in California, we turned around and went to the SEMA Show, and on the way back, Honey Badger dropped off the Hot Rod at the World of Wheels headquarters in Michigan finally arriving home this morning. Here are some pictures of unloading. If you’re thinking about visiting, we finally have all of our cars back from the recent road trips.

Dave Smith
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  5. Doing a quick check on a Hot Rod.
  6. Briian and Jim push the Hot Rolling chassis back into the building.
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  8. Dan G. gives thumbs up.
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  10. Brian, Jason, and Dan from tech support get the cars cleaned and ready for customers to visit.
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  13. Jesper helps unload the truck.
  14. Factory Five Racing 
Brian drives the Morrisville College Hot Rod into FFR.
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  16. Time to clean the cars.
  17. The shipping crew is loading kits onto the Stewart Truck.
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