View Full Version : Suspension, Steering and Brakes - 289 FIA/USRRC

  1. Which Bolts?
  2. Which Holes?
  3. Ball Joint Boots
  4. Front Upper Control Arm Ball Joints
  5. Can I See Pics of the Emergency Brake Installed?
  6. Pin Drive IRS, Goodyear Billboards (or equivalent size), and Frame
  7. Which Manual R&P For Mk4 and pin drive?
  8. Power Steering Rack
  9. Original Style Brake Pedals
  10. Tubular Lower Control Arms
  11. Converted Wilwood Floor Mounted Pedals to Period Correct
  12. Wilwood Brake Upgrade
  13. Kugel Brake Reservoir
  14. Hawk Brake Pads
  15. Installing Breeze Offset Bushing
  16. Dust Boot Replacement Rear Brake Caliper
  17. Front Lower Control Arm Lenth
  18. Is this right? Front suspension
  19. Torn Upper Ball Joint Boot
  20. What are these parts?
  21. Pedal box question
  22. Brake Balace Bar Wilwood box
  23. PS rack
  24. Power Steering Hoses and Fittings
  25. Steering Wheel Center 289 FIA
  26. Front and Rear Sway bars 289 FIA
  27. Power Steering Hose Routing
  28. Power steering rack fitting help
  29. Steering Wheel Screws
  30. Grease Zerks Size on the Roadster