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  1. Steering:Powered, Depowered or Custom?
  2. De-powering the steering rack, plus more to come on rebuilding wrx parts
  3. Belt tensioner avail for no air conditioning or power steering???
  4. Compatable steering racks
  5. 818R brakes and aero questions
  6. Keep the ABS brakes on the 818R?
  7. Steering & Brakes...Notes from the Road & Track Article.
  8. Making a 818SR from an 818S with an 818R Koni Suspension set at 4" - Questions
  9. Any pricing on wilwood brakes?
  10. New CV Boots, an 818 must.
  11. Impact of Whiteline anit lift bushings on 818
  12. My personal and professional recommendation for a steering wheel hub adapter
  13. Lets talk about aftermarket suspension parts
  14. Centering wheels in the wheel wells
  15. Adjustable suspension for the street
  16. Koni shock issue
  17. Power brakes
  18. Missing bolts and holes that don't line up.
  19. Has anyone noticed how little you can turn the wheel before it hits the frame,ect.
  20. Not enough adapters?
  21. Rear lower cam bolts
  22. 818 Recommended Tire size for the front
  23. aluminum lower control arm question
  24. Front knuckle to upper A arm adapter
  25. brake line connections at the master
  26. What would need to be done to modify STI spindles to work with the 818?
  27. What hub for FFR steering wheel?
  28. Subaru ABS CAN bus question
  29. Spring rates, higher rate in the front?
  30. ABS plumbing
  31. So... I Bought The Aluminum LCAs
  32. Control Arm Bolt Question.
  33. Don't Laugh Please: basic typical suspension travel question.
  34. Rear supension solutions
  35. Possible rear sway bar solution
  36. Talk to me about flaring brake lines
  37. 818S ABS brakes
  38. Brake routing suggestions- Post your pics
  39. 818 uses Subaru outer CVs?
  40. KONI height adjustability
  41. A little confused about front upper Control Arm...
  42. 4 wheel disk brakes
  43. Aftermarket rear sway bar, will it work on the front of the 818s?
  44. Power booster clevis/nut for what use?
  45. Nominal Suspension geometry
  46. Anyone know the Front Upper Ball Joint Torque spec?
  47. Rear knuckle question
  48. Swaybar bracket
  49. Steering wheel adapter?
  50. alignment specs??
  51. steering rack
  52. Use late model STI front, lower control arms?
  53. Best shocks for 818R
  54. Rear lateral control arms
  55. Wagon donor, LCA position, and steering
  56. Changing wheel bearings
  57. Aftermarket Steering Rack?
  58. Remote brake/clutch reservoir
  59. Anybody pressing their own bearings and bushings?
  60. Front brake line tabs
  61. Help with Rear Suspension
  62. Ball joint replacement
  63. anyone planning to use an aftermarket steering col? such as flaming river or IDIDIT?
  64. Front lower ball joint for aluminum control arm - Part #
  65. Front LCA Torque Question
  66. Can STI front lower control arns be used on the 818
  67. Steering Rack Question
  68. New Aluminum LCA Question
  69. Alignment before or after body mounting?
  70. FFR Steering wheel installed
  71. Wagon sway bar mounting?
  72. Lighter, race oriented Suspension Parts, Primarily Uprights
  73. Solving an odd Steering Rack problem
  74. Steering Column Removal
  75. Suggestions for LCA bushings??
  76. Wilwood rear brake kit fitment issue
  77. Another aluminum lower control arm question
  78. Four Piston Wilwood Brake Lines
  79. Steering Rack U-Joint Size/Splines?
  80. Basic steering rack question
  81. Suspension parts verification
  82. after market rear LCA fittings/bushings
  83. Eastwood Brake Tools sale
  84. What sway bar mounts?
  85. ABS results from the trailblazers?
  86. Help! Front Lower control arm rear bolts
  87. STI steering rack diameter vs WRX
  88. Rear drums direct swap for discs?
  89. IRS bracket M14 x 55? missing hardware?
  90. Bushing the top front spindle strut cam bolt mount hole.
  91. Rear transverse link mounting question.
  92. OEM Brake upgrades
  93. Braided Stainless Steel Brake and Clutch Line kit - From The Race Line
  94. Early model steering rack, spacers and manual revisions.
  95. Anyone interested in a Stop-Tech brake kit?
  96. VCP Wide Wheel Trailing Arms
  97. Front shock mount and control arm question
  98. Works Bell Hub, QR and FFR Steering Wheel install
  99. Adjusting rear toe-in?
  100. Sway bar size?
  101. Power Booster Cover Plate
  102. Aftermarket Brake Upgrades and Brake Philosophy
  103. front lower control arm question
  104. Brake master cylinder mounting question.
  105. ABS Module Mounting Question
  106. ABS & Proportioning Valve Question
  107. 818 new axle assembly question
  108. '05 and Later Rack Question
  109. Do we need the strut mounts?
  110. Is this steering column bracket needed?
  111. Which e-brake cable is the longer one?
  112. Rear lateral links
  113. upper control arm zerks up or down?
  114. How many builders will be using the stock brake setup?
  115. 2008+ rear sway bar
  116. How much brake bias needed for the 818
  117. Brake lines and ABS
  118. Aluminum LCAs and the locknuts which ate them
  119. DBA Rotors now available from The Race Line
  120. Rear wheel bearing with orange plastic insert?
  121. Turn in Concepts Super Sexy Suspension Bushing Group Buy
  122. FFR Wilwood Pedal Box Option
  123. Top Rear Shock spacers
  124. Steering column bump
  125. bump steer kit
  126. Rear brake line routing- Center tunnel
  127. Brake flaring tool
  128. Which shocks are front and rear?
  129. Shock spacer shims 13210 look like what?
  130. Front UCA - 2 generations?
  131. How to adjust Koni single adjustable shocks
  132. steering wheel and adapter needed who sells them for subaru?
  133. NRG Steering Wheel Adapter Question
  134. Do not make the same goof up I did.
  135. Need help fitting LCAs
  136. Steering rack lines
  137. Completing front LCA install... Torque Specs and Nuts?
  138. 818R suspension on a 818S
  139. Brake line adapters
  140. Anchoring emergency brake lines
  141. Hanging the rear spindle
  142. Pictures of steering rack mounting - 02-04 wrx
  143. Safety Wiring Brake Rotor Bolts
  144. Telescoping / Telescopic Steering Column
  145. VCP Track Pack rod end lateral and toe link kit.
  146. Roll bar interference?
  147. Repacking New Wheel Bearings... Opinions???
  148. Wilwoods or Brembos on 818 without brake booster
  149. Shock Tower Brace
  150. 2006 front aluminum control arm cleanung
  151. ABS install
  152. Hand brake cable clearance?
  153. Power Brakes on 818S
  154. Aluminum LCA, worth it?
  155. Center of Gravity Height
  156. Critique my safety wiring
  157. Brake bias starting point
  158. Front lower control arm access hole
  159. How to crimp steering boot bands?
  160. wheel bearing and seal questions
  161. Wanted: Front Wheel Speed Sensors and Tone Wheels / Rings
  162. ARP Stud Help
  163. Anyone else in need of Stainless Steel brake lines?
  164. Lower Front Shock Mount
  165. Wagon vs Sedan suspension parts
  166. Pedal box M10 x 25 bolts/nuts?
  167. What years steering racks fit best
  168. looking for used or remanufactured 2006 front and rear calipers
  169. Rear Wilwood Brake Alignment
  170. Rear Trailing Arm Bushing
  171. Rear spindle compatibility
  172. Master Cylinder selection for Wilwood pedals
  173. Rear Suspension set up pointers
  174. Front/Rear suspension/rack full torque specs
  175. Strange? anyone else see this?
  176. Front tires rub. What did I do wrong?
  177. Will this flare leak?
  178. Front or rear brake bias adjustment?
  179. Brake lines--what am I doing wrong?
  180. Brake and clutch mods for RHD
  181. brake/clutch master cylinder support
  182. Brake Line Routing
  183. Any ABS updates? Anyone have it working?
  184. Steering wheel
  185. New 4 Pot and 2 Pot Subaru Calipers for sale
  186. Inverting the Konis?
  187. Trick to install longer wheel studs???
  188. mounting the swaybar
  189. Wheel bearings: stock or aftermarket?
  190. Time to torque?
  191. Lateral link lengths?
  192. Steering column problem
  193. Rear Suspension question
  194. Accelerator Pedal
  195. Need Input for custom manual steering rack design
  196. installed spring heights
  197. Double-adjustable Konis
  198. Brake Bias Valve
  199. 6 Piece Rear Arm Kits - The cat is out of the bag
  200. Ride height, with or without weight?
  201. Cut the new style upper control arms?
  202. The nice Eastwood brake flaring tool is on sale again
  203. ABS Control Module Location
  204. Steering Column: Exposed!
  205. Front Ball Joint Discussion Thread and Potential Safety Concern
  206. Brake Rebuild
  207. R steering knuckle ?
  208. Two disturbingly dangerous discoveries this morning
  209. 2015 STI Steering Rack in an 818?
  210. Front knuckle/hub redesign
  211. stock rear lower trailing arms and links
  212. Steering rack mount
  213. Quick S and R koni question
  214. Brake Lines with Wilwood Kit
  215. Front suspension alignment
  216. Double-adjustable Koni settings
  217. Good angle gauge
  218. pedal box bracket?
  219. collapsing the steering column link?
  220. linear actuated parking brake?
  221. Bent Lateral Link Arm?
  222. Steering column full lock turn bumps/stoppers
  223. Willwood pedal assembly?
  224. Anyone keeping the power steering?
  225. Lower control arm - front bolt doesn't fit
  226. Aftermarket donor CVs?
  227. Donor brake line dont fit the FFR mount tabs.
  228. installing a sway bar in the rear?
  229. Parking Brake Assembly help
  230. FS: Sedan Front LCAs pre-drilled - $80 shipped
  231. Brake effort?
  232. Trailing Arm Alignment
  233. Throttle cable guide
  234. Braided Steel Brake and Clutch Line Kits
  235. Ebrake cable spindle securing clips installation
  236. Ebay suspension arm kits
  237. Spring sizes?
  238. aftermarket steering wheel
  239. Axle Nut Question
  240. Brake/clutch fluid recommendations?
  241. LCA torque values
  242. Wilwood pedal box added clearance?
  243. Bump steer
  244. Sway bar bushings?
  245. Bleeding the brakes
  246. How to remove the front outer CV joint from the half-shaft (2006 WRX)
  247. Rear suspension alignment
  248. Rear CV Assembly - Lost Ball Bearing :(
  249. Rear CV Assembly - Ball Joint Not Fitting?
  250. Ride Height--Can I Go Higher?