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  1. Fiberglass body durability...
  2. No paint body?
  3. body design ?'s for Dave
  4. The interior
  5. Interior room and driver size....
  6. Let's see your interior design
  7. Custom Body - Methods and Means - Software, Programs and Techniques
  8. Thoughts on the 818 Body War.
  9. Actual body design ?
  10. Carbon Fiber Body
  11. Interior and fit and finish
  12. Mooch 2012 was 818 body there?
  13. Hmmmmm....What body is FFR showing on the 818 Frame Gallery?
  14. Next body style?
  15. Technical Discussion - (the non body thread)
  16. interior of project 818
  17. How much room for the driver
  18. Aftermarket 818 body kit?
  19. WRX center diff trade for STI intake and Throttle body
  20. Paint Option on Plastic Body
  21. Gel coat or no paint body?
  22. Body Buck for 818 question?
  23. Interchangable Body Panels?
  24. weather resistant interior
  25. Body panels = bad idea
  26. W i d e Body
  27. 818 Body Panels
  28. Modular Body Discussion
  29. Interior upgrades for the S
  30. windshield options & part swapping
  31. Interior ideas - leather, pleather, vinyl, Teflon, what's your plan?
  32. Simple Soft Top (bikini's inside!)
  33. doors open and door jam pics
  34. Headlight question
  35. Rear wing mounts
  36. Carbon fiber mirrors 818?
  37. Aluminum Coatings
  38. Seat adjustment
  39. Erik Treves Body fitting thread
  40. Rear roll bar design
  41. Is there release info for paintless thermoplastic?
  42. Foot box fresh air
  43. Who's going to mount the GT300 Wing on a 818S?
  44. Padded Dash???? Any thoughts/suggestions?
  45. Front Firewall, little improvement
  46. Body Differences between 818 S and R
  47. Soft Top
  48. Seat Options - Need to decide soon.. Idea's?
  49. Pictures of rear frame needed
  50. Windshield installation?
  51. clecos
  52. VRaptor custom body parts
  53. Sound deadening etc...
  54. Debating the side skirts...
  55. Shifter trim ring
  56. Engine Firewall
  57. spoiler finish
  58. Front fenders and Hood question.
  59. 818 differences?
  60. Diameter of brake tail light hole
  61. PlastiDip to replace powder coat on chassis?
  62. Windshield molding question
  63. fiberglass door panels? am I going off base
  64. Vinyl wraps (body panels but also inside)
  65. Any talk of a hard top?
  66. windshield wipers? 818 s
  67. Windshield frame before body panels?
  68. Question about 818S inner door panels.
  69. Footbox Expansion?
  70. Door sags??
  71. Carbon Fiber Scoops on rear deck lid
  72. Headlight Mounting Tips?
  73. These body panels fit like.....?
  74. Has anyone tried to insure their car yet? Any problems?
  75. Cloth seats in an open car?
  76. When to paint the body panels
  77. front nose treatment?
  78. anyone thought of a removable hardtop option? maybe like the last solstice by pontiac
  79. Dye fabric
  80. Exterior Vent Mesh
  81. Installing Kirkey Racing Seats
  82. Seat and seat belt mounting point questions
  83. new faceplate for my subaru impreza 2002 instrument cluster
  84. Windshield molding help needed.
  85. Aluminum Panels - Tetris
  86. Seating / Gas Tank Conundrum
  87. Foot box/dead pedal pics please
  88. Door Cards
  89. Panel identification?
  90. 818 Dash
  91. Headlight fitting?
  92. Affordable Airjacks?
  93. 818 badging
  94. gas pedal panel?
  95. Sparco Seats - Any interest in these?
  96. what are your console design ideas?
  97. Under Seat Alum Orientation
  98. dash material
  99. The Race Line now offers Procar seats by Scat.
  100. Anyone considering Steering Wheels?
  101. Carbon Fiber scratch repair
  102. Seating/Roll Bar Height Concern - Need Some Help
  103. Rear Impact Solutions
  104. Carpet and decals now available
  105. Lets talk Harnesses
  106. Rear Firewall
  107. Carpet tip.
  108. Door Liners: Updated Spacers?
  109. Body panel prep for no paint finish
  110. Rear Tail Light hole saw size? (larger light)
  111. Front street splitter
  112. Lambo doors?
  113. Removable side bar ideas for 818R used on street
  114. E-Brake Trim Plate
  115. Badges? Got my stinkin' badges...
  116. Tail Light Template???
  117. 818 Door Card Weatherstripping
  118. Diffuser Alignment & Positioning Vertical Pieces
  119. Car Cover
  120. vinyl padded interior panel set
  121. Are colored carbon fiber wraps too tacky?
  122. 818 Color Guide and Examples
  123. how do you adjust the headlights? (aiming w/o a rod)
  124. Interior door handles installation procedure? No mention in my manual
  125. Lets talk Fender Flares
  126. if I buy a soft top from FFRR, are they all black or are there other colors?
  127. Mounting rear spoiler
  128. Dash modification ideas ?
  129. Drilling for rivets
  130. THE 818 Body install thread
  131. Install floor panels first?
  132. required or recommended frame mods before powder coating
  133. Solution to track day seating?
  134. MR2 side window dimensions
  135. Would mini latches be okay for hood and rear deck in place of pins?
  136. Which FFR provided Rivets to use where?
  137. playing up the subaru connection, badge idea
  138. where is a good rivnut tool?
  139. door hinge stop?
  140. Front Nose and Headlights - Issues with fitting
  141. seat belt bolt on locations --- i am confused by the book i have a 2002 ts wagon
  142. Soft top install
  143. Mounting nose aluminum sides with front spliiter
  144. has anyone installed the alum inserts on the doors?
  145. How are you all accessing the master cylinder?
  146. The 818 Doors Tips and Tricks
  147. Center Console
  148. How is the dront engine covwe sheetmetal installed?
  149. How is the front engine cover sheetmetal installed? Where on the humps?
  150. The Seat Thread
  151. What size aftermarket steering wheels
  152. "Talk to me Goose" forward frame mount missing?
  153. foot box aluminum fitment
  154. door striker bracket is wrong and won't bolt up
  155. Shift lever threading
  156. mounting throttle pedal
  157. Rear Deck lid gap help
  158. Front Bumper lower Mount - how big a gap to frame support?
  159. Doors rubbing fender when opening
  160. Door liner and the "T" weather stripping for gaps
  161. Seat belt anchor points
  162. Alternate rivnuts
  163. Help with mounting Kirkey in R frame
  164. Headlight Height
  165. R windshield on 818-S
  166. Good deal on Sparco Chrono seats - 33% off
  167. Cleaner Ebrake
  168. Heater and defrost?
  169. Possible seat source for the 818
  170. how do i make the rear quarters match up vertically with the engine cover?
  171. Spray Can Paint -Match for FFR White?
  172. padded dash and door panels
  173. Tools for body trimming
  174. STI Seats
  175. Fiberglass center console
  176. Fuel cap - I'm confused
  177. Complete under car floor or engine bay exposed?
  178. Looking for complete wind tunnel drawings/pix of 818S
  179. Crooked Windshield?
  180. Function of these air intakes
  181. Headlight adjustment
  182. VCP Door mounting Tricks
  183. Suggestions on getting Dash tight
  184. How do you tell the Difference in dashes
  185. order of body mounting?
  186. any ideas to fix small imperfections in the body panels? need expert fiberglass ideas
  187. Who sells cool side mirrors that will fit on the door of my 818s?
  188. when do you install the innner fender sheet metal? after front hood and fenders ?
  189. Gelcoat repair kit
  190. FFR Carpet Kit
  191. Little octopuses? Octopi?
  192. subaru inside door latches? what is the short lever do?does it have to be tied down?
  193. Front end alignment
  194. Front end fitment - headlights, bumper, fenders, etc.
  195. Gunmetal steel paint color?
  196. Rear Cockpit Side Cover
  197. What seats do you have for the 818S
  198. Engine cover block off vertical
  199. FS: Clear Engine Covers from the AEM 818R SEMA Build
  200. Stiffening the e-brake handle mounting plate
  201. Nose notch for rad support
  202. Sedan donor belts lock up
  203. Rear Wheel Wells
  204. Sedan seat belt hack: tilt sensor delete
  205. Windshield wipers
  206. Headlight triming help
  207. Racing Harness / Seat Belt options
  208. Building up the corners
  209. updated interior in my 818S
  210. Body Install Problem
  211. Fasteners for body panels
  212. Rear quarter panel strut
  213. "Engine cover block-off"
  214. Front engine cover interference
  215. Instrument cluster mount
  216. Hood flush or setback
  217. hood,fender,bumper fitment ongoing
  218. Brake duct "optional"?
  219. Wagon Belts and Child Seat Mode
  220. Rear Fender Perch mod
  221. Windshield frame defense
  222. harness bar - alternative use?
  223. Rear End Redesign
  224. Intercooler duct openings
  225. Higher Seats
  226. Center Console Elimintaion
  227. Engine Cover Reinforcement???
  228. Hardtop! Hardtop!
  229. removing stock e-brake handle
  230. NRG seat bracket?
  231. Where to get sound deadening material
  232. NRG harness length?
  233. Nose aluminum floor/splitter
  234. Aluminum part number help
  235. Front inside splash panel
  236. Side Sails
  237. Aluminum Console fitment issues
  238. Fold back hard top at barret jackson on new ferrari
  239. Mounting door frames
  240. Hood Fender Door
  241. NACA ducts?
  242. Scion tail lights?
  243. Body panel misfits
  244. Anyone have any good pics or tips for installing the inner fender sheetmetal?
  245. is there a close paint color match for the white 818 ?
  246. Nose Aluminum Identification
  247. wheel wells
  248. wiper trany problum
  249. Carbon fiber street spoiler installation
  250. Show me your headlight fender trim and techniques!