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  1. 818R Suspension and the Steering Rack
  2. Attention R owners - rear wing mounting, what was your solution?
  3. 2D Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation for our 818R - APR GTC-300 Rear Wing
  4. Welcome to the 818R forum!
  5. Mounting the doors on the R
  6. Front LCA rear bushing mount height
  7. Discuss Subaru EJ Motor Builds For Road Racing
  8. side and center review mirrors
  9. R door finish
  10. Windscreen mounting on the R
  11. Suspension Adjustments and Modifications to the "R" Based on Subaru Donor Parts
  12. 818R Clearance
  13. Rear Spoiler Options
  14. 818R Baer Bumpsteer Install/Guide
  15. From Roadster to 818R
  16. Subie oil coolers
  17. best approach to accelerator pedal mounting
  18. Undercarriage tray flat, any pics?
  19. GTC 300 vs. GTC 200 rear wing options
  20. Must "have" for the R
  21. Who is planning on running NASA ST classes
  22. Best donor for 818R?
  23. Height of roll bar
  24. Oil issues: Dry Sump, Accusump for road racing?
  25. Data logger
  26. Race Seat for R
  27. ST-3 engine and transmisson?
  28. Manual Steering Rack Interest and Input for 818R
  29. Optimizing the 818R for power/weight classes
  30. Door hinge mounts: keep 'em or lose 'em?
  31. 818R Interior finishing - Dead Pedal and coolant covers
  32. Interior Aluminum
  33. 818 "R" Progress Report: Year One of Production
  34. Wilwood 6-piston vs 4-piston
  35. Tire to fender clearance
  36. 818R Roll Bar
  37. The Inaugural Western States Championships at Sonoma Raceway November 7-9, 2014
  38. Dash mounted switches
  39. FS: Colorado - APR GTC300 Wing
  40. Floor panels
  41. Race car scales
  42. 818R sighting
  43. Hazards of weakening the frame by drilling holes?
  44. 818R transmission protection
  45. Master Shutoff Switch Location
  46. Bushings
  47. Rear Body Panels
  48. 818c-r?
  49. New APR Wing Mounting System Available!
  50. 818 alignment specs
  51. harness bolt hole size?
  52. Radiator caps
  53. Camber gain with STI spindles
  54. Fire suppression, fuel pump and kill switch
  55. Center Drive 818R
  56. Gauge Cluster Necessary?
  57. R Dashboard mounts
  58. Water tank on the engine
  59. Has anyone else besides FFR drag raced? Full 1,320'?
  60. 818R Dyno Pull - 361whp and ~400 ft/lbs
  61. Rear alignment issues
  62. Wheel/tire sizes for the R
  63. Intercooler Measurments
  64. Coupe version of the r?
  65. The GRM FFR 818 makes Bring a Trailer daily news letter and auction.
  66. 818 Track Day parts and tools list.
  67. Gearing and top speed
  68. splitter for the R
  69. Interesting read
  70. Wilwood pedals
  71. Wings and mounting
  72. If you guys are curious about the heat under the hood or rear deck- buy these.
  73. Bump Steer
  74. 818R Side Impact Solutions
  75. EPA seeks to prohibit conversion of vehicles into racecars
  76. WRC Used Parts
  77. rivets and under chassis aluminum
  78. SCCA/NASA legal 818
  79. Splitter to under battery tray aluminum
  80. Rearview mirror
  81. Longacre Scales for sale
  82. Splash Guard and Wheel well aluminum
  83. Hump Block Off Aluminum
  84. Front and rear shock question
  85. Anyone want to upgrade to Wilwood 6/4 piston brakes and trade in their 06/07 calipers
  86. Quaife LSD maybe not such a good option?
  87. Ideas for Cowl Trimming?
  88. Ride Height
  89. Ride height question for R
  90. nasa classes
  91. Exhaust Headers for 818R
  92. Mounting remote oil filter and Liquid/liquid oil cooler
  93. Red Bull; The story of a Bolt
  94. Front wheel well splash panels - keep or not?
  95. 818r ncm msp
  96. Modifying Throttle Pedal for Better Heel/Toe
  97. 2016 25 Hours of Thunder Hill
  98. Congrats to Mark Jager on winning the Global Time Attack in his STI
  99. Rear wing height ?
  100. 818R tube chassis length without body?
  101. Race Dash Creation
  102. Real Life Broomstick Test
  103. Conflicting info
  104. Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe-R Aero Testing Report
  105. "Legality Windshield"?
  106. Forward facing "rain" light
  107. Anyone having long term success without using a dry sump system?
  108. 818R Competition Chassis Gallery Posted
  109. 818R - How often should I run the engine to keep everything "good"
  110. Thill 25 livestream
  111. How to Know the dry sump pump is still running
  112. Tranmission Temps - What is too high?
  113. Alternate Dry Sump Design?
  114. Non APR rear wing options
  115. Racing Class Costs 2017
  116. Wishing I could understand Japanese!
  117. Rear ride height adjustment issue
  118. Since we haven't had much track discussion lately
  119. Push pull shifter cable mod
  120. Clearance under front splitter?
  121. All cleaned up and someplace to go.
  122. NCM Chin Track Days 3.2 mile track video
  123. Ride heigh dilema
  124. Input from anyone filling up their oil catch cans
  125. Helmet Buffeting - what are you doing?
  126. NCM Open Track Day
  127. FREE - Race Engine Technology Magazine
  128. 5MT transmissions NEED an oil cooler when driven hard!
  129. Playing with DJ's Hot Rod Camaro
  130. Has anyone tried these?
  131. How to Cut a Long Extrusion Lengthwise?