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04-28-2011, 11:35 AM
Hello everybody!

Just joined after lurking around. I was FFR 5332 on the other forum. Recently sold my beloved Roadster to a great new home, and have bought Ralph and Debbie Littleton's #98 Coupe. I've chased down a few electrical gremlins, and am starting to convert it to roller cam/lifters after finding a rocker that was not oiling up through the pushrod last week.

It was great to look at all of the cars in Huntington last Saturday, and see some familiar faces. THe guys who bought my Roadster brought it down from Orange County and let me fire up my old friend.

Before I get too long winded, I'll wrap it up, and say thanks to many of you who have already been helpful, especially Trout, and Garry Bopp, and Debbie Littlefield. A special thanks to Ralph, who is no longer with us. Rest peacefully Ralph, and know that your Coupe will be on the road soon, proudly displaying #98.

Dave Hall



04-28-2011, 07:56 PM
Welcome. You have a piece of history with Ralph's old 98 there. Glad to see you are keeping it alive.

Garry Bopp
04-28-2011, 08:37 PM

Glad you made it over here. Thanks for posting the pics and look forward to seeing lots of "coupe in action" photos! Wish we lived closer so that we could get our 2 coupes together. It was really cool to have both of the coupes together at the Ocala, FL car show in early 2010.