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11-24-2011, 11:31 PM
Hi All,

I have a 1991 C2 Turbo G5052 transaxle with LSD for sale. I bought it about a year ago from Cory Jump of Planet 9 Eleven a noted Porsche Shop. I originally intended to install it in a Ferrari 308 to 288 GTO conversion but the necessity to invert the transaxle for mid engine use is just going to cause me too much grief because of the axle position. I am therefore going with a modified Audi 01E transaxle which doesn't require the inversion.

The transaxle is in great shape and according to Mr. Jump was in good running condition prior to my purchase (It was only removed after I bought it). Since then I have cleaned the exterior. I can detect no leaks or cracks. You can view the orginal thread I purchased it off of on the Pelican Parts forum here:


I am not seeking to make a profit off of this. I would like $6,500 for it which is what I purchased it for. I will consider offers, but the first $6,500 takes it.

I also bought a Kennedy LS1 (It also works with the LS2, LS3 and LS6) flywheel and clutch. I will sell for $1,500 but will also take offers. If you get both the adapter and transaxle, I will consider a discount.

Finally, in the pictures you will see a midcase and a c4 end case. These parts can be used to convert the g5052 into a shorter case version if you buy the end cap from California Motorsports. The midcase can be used to convert to a side shifter and give you the opportunity to return to the stock end shifter configuration. I bought these parts for $500, but if it helps seal the deal for the g5052, I will consider throwing them in with the sale.

Oh, yes one more thing. The parts are in Honolulu, Hawaii but I will assist with shipping to make it cost no more than getting it from any of the 48 mainland US states. I originally had it shipped from Oklahoma.

Considering it may take up to 6 months to order the new Mendeola Transaxle, this may work out for someone who may want to complete their GTM a little earlier.

Best Regards,
Alan Ing

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