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02-19-2011, 08:44 AM
Hello all,

After finding myself visiting this new F5 forum i have come to the conclusion i like it better than the old one. It just seems less clustered with ads and all in all busyness. I still visit the other forum because the overwhelming amount of info. However, since when I buy my roadster seeing that it will not be a MKIII or previous, it will be nice that this new forum has been started and hopefully over time will gather plenty of info regarding the newer MKIV(or MKV);).

I donít own a F5 yet, but am in the design and pricing stage. i own the donor already and plan on upgrading that when i get the opportunity.

I've been to plenty of car shows and seen many of F5 (before i knew what they really were). However I have yet to see any up close(now knowing what they are all about) or heard one started up etc. So when I get back home if there is any one in AK who is working on one or needs help changing the oil PM me i would love to get around one to learn all the ins and outs.


P.S. Is it sacrilegious to mention the "other" forum or is that a no-no like it is to name the snake charmer?

Jeff Collins
02-20-2011, 10:28 AM
Welcome Gabe glad you are here. Hope you enjoy the new neighborhood. It is always OK to bring up old friends over here.