View Full Version : Ford 302 Boss / 6 Speed TCI Automatic Transmission

03-23-2013, 10:14 AM
Im going to be starting a build on a 33 Hotrod and am pondering on what drive train to use, Im not from the USA and have no experience in components from the USA, I have done allot of research and have decided on the 302 Boss with a TCI 6 speed Auto, im not sure if anyone has used this config in the past and what Differential Ratio is optimum - Additionally i have decided on 21 inch tyres 295/35/21

Here is a link to the Transmission


I have done some calculations on gearing and various differential ratio's , I have done two examples - one at 2700 engine rpm in the cruz and one at maximum engine rpm of 6800 rpm to demonstrate maximum possible speed

Any help or comments would be appreciated - A modern fuel injected installation is a definate - I will be living in the USA for three years from June and plan on completing this project by 2016 !