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  1. It's always something...

    The new engine is mostly back in the Blue Beast.

    I'm taking a couple of vacation days this week to work on the car out in CT. I'm house-sitting for my parents while they're visiting my nieces and nephew out in Aspen. I'll take a couple days of pure garage-time, then work short days from home. I have the ...
  2. Long block accomplished!

    I picked up the new heads on Saturday morning and had a nice chat with the owner of a Subaru recycling yard that's only about half an hour from my garage. Got back to the shop, had enough time to putz around a little bit, then had a family lunch (Happy 70th mom!). Given the shortened afternoon, I didn't get much accomplished Saturday - just the oil baffle, pickup tube, and pan on, then the new oil pump. Also the oil cooler.

    I guess this is par for the course, but I was frustrated ...
  3. New motor time

    After cracking both heads in a couple places (seriously, I'm talented) I did some digging and some pleading on the forum for advice on the best possible way forward. On the advice of a couple of respected Subaru tuners, I decided against building a so-called "hybrid" motor, which uses a 2.5L Subaru short block with 2.0L Subaru heads. instead I bought a brand-new 2.0L short block and ordered a set of refurbished 2.0L heads from a local specialist.

    The short block was ordered ...
  4. Bad news

    Got word earlier this evening that I am a talented individual: I managed to crack both heads on this motor. The machine shop agrees that most people just blow a head gasket when they overheat a Subaru. I managed to crack both heads. The shop was quite impressed.

    Time to start looking for a new motor. Sigh.
  5. Something is missing...

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    The engine is out of the Blue Beast at last. I arrived at the shop on Saturday morning with the thought in my head that maybe we had accidentally re-engaged the passenger-side engine mount while jiggling the motor around. I rolled under the car and found that the tip of the engine mount stud was ever so slightly engaged in the subframe. A couple of quick pumps on the engine hoist and some careful pry-bar usage finally separated the engine from the transmission. ...
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