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    Join the Factory Five Community as a Supporting Vendor

    The Factory Five Forum exists to serve the community. Vendors who provide valuable products and services are an integral part of this community. Our policy is to provide affordable access to Factory Five customers with reasonably ...

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    The Factory Five Forum Supporting Vendors

    Gold Supporting Vendor
    BluePrint Engines offers a complete line of drop-in engine/transmission packages. Reasonably priced with full warranty. Factory Five Racing uses BluePrint Engines exclusively in their demo cars.
    ReinCarNation highlights the world’s finest continuation, replica and low volume automobiles with stunning photography and heartfelt writing from actual enthusiasts whose love of automobiles is reflected in every word and image. We’re here to tell your stories, share your photos and spread your passion. Visit www.rcnmag.com for a FREE subscription, car features, tech info and more.
    Out of Sight Audio is proud to introduce a new way to add modern Bluetooth audio to your classic and retain the stock radio in working or non-working condition. You can also use our devices as a stand-alone audio source which requires no radio at all. Three models are available which operate from 6 to 24 volts DC either in positive or negative earth and 2 to 4 speakers with RCA pre-amp outputs. Models are compact, lightweight, and are easily installed out of sight requiring no access. Check out the outofsightaudio.com for videos and more information.
    Jeff Miller, a.k.a. "Batman", is a fixture in the Factory Five community and has probably painted more Factory Fives than any one else.  His workmanship is top shelf and his crew delivers consistent quality.  Miller Customs is located in Temecula, California.


    How many people can say that they built an airplane? And of those, how many have an airplane they built in the Smithsonian Institute? Russ Thompson is one of the most award winning Factory Five builders and sells the highest quality parts for your car. Visit Russ' Garage.
    Wayne Presley has been a presence in the Factory Five community since the very beginning and his company VeryCoolParts.com sells, well...very cool parts. Things like high-end stack injection systems to take your Factory Five to the next level.
    For over 30 years, Forte's Parts Connection has been a great place to find the clutch, bellhousing, Tremec transmission, Ford or Chevy performance parts, and more for your Factory Five build.
    Midwest Classic Insurance will insure your car from the time of purchase, while being built, and then while you are enjoying it on the road. Drive to work coverage is available in most States as well as mileage tiers and deductible options
    Boig Motorsports offers these beautiful Cooltubes that are rugged, race proven, and are mandrel bent, with each end beaded to firmly grip the clamped hoses. These cooling tube assemblies are a clean, custom fit, easy to install, and will provide you with years of worry free driving.
    FormaCars is a builder of Factory Five kits and a manufacturer of components to enhance those kits and make it easy for others to build their own. They have manufacturing expertise in 2 to 5 axis milling, 2 to 6 axis turning, wire harness assembly, in addition to engineering, and design services. Whether it’s a turn-key car or parts to make your build better, they have the skills and resources to address your build challenges.
    Mark Dougherty is The Traveling Builder, and has been building automotive projects since 1987. Call Mark at 717-599-9232, and he'll help you complete your dream car in your garage.
    Fuel Safe Systems has been a leader in racing fuel cells for over 30 years supplying some of the top racing teams around the world. Safety and performance are what you can expect as we deliver FIA and SFI certified racing fuel cells with a focused approach on enhancing fuel delivery and scavenging systems and providing supporting fuel system and refueling accessories.
    Silver Supporting Vendor
    Colin Stewart has been safely and reliably delivering Factory Fives to customers all around the country since 2000.  Stewart Transport is the official carrier of Factory Five Racing.
    Mike at Replicaparts.com has been providing custom parts and accessories to Factory Five guys for years.  Located in Canton, MA, Mike specializes in polished aluminum trim and offers specialized tools, supplies, and will even help you build your car.
    Gordon Levy started Phoenix, Arizona based Levy Racing in 1996 and has built a large number of show and race winning Factory Fives.  Today, Levy Racing provides a full service facility including body shop, engine shop, and sells performance parts for Factory Fives.
    Founded in 1999 by Mark Reynolds, Breeze Automotive is the leader in offering a broad range of parts, innovative products, EzePaks™, and experienced technical support for the Factory Five Racing Roadster and Coupe kits.
    Lodestone Billetworks is a small company located in northern Colorado that specializes in billet aluminum fluid line clamps. Our clamps hold the lines the chassis in a clean solid manner.
    Brown County Customs manufactures precision machined parts using state of the art CNC machinery. We strive to provide you with the highest quality precision machined parts that are delivered on time to meet your exact specifications and budget requirements.
    Martin's Dent Shop is a skilled professional who can help take care of some body work or if you want to customize the look of your vehicle. They can help you with your Factory Five build however you need.
    CSM Performance engineers and manufacture high quality wheel alignment tools with a focus in Precision Hub Stands. We proudly CNC machine and design all of our products right here in the USA utilizing the latest technology while simultaneously maintaining an environment capable of custom alignment solutions for virtually any platform.

    Bronze Supporting Vendor

    Herb Fraser's Custom Roadster Door Panels help dress up the interior or your Factory Five Roadster. Herb's panels are used on Factory Five's demo cars that are seen in the showroom at Factory Five.  The company is reputable and provides good value and quality parts.
    RockAuto.com is an online retailer of auto parts. Today, we ship thousands of parts, from hundreds of manufacturers, to millions of customers all over the world.
    Shane at VRaptor SpeedWorks located in Anita, Iowa specializes in building the highest quality Factory Five GTM turn-key cars built to your specifications.  VRaptor Speedworks has built more "made-to-order" GTMs than anyone. Also offers custom parts for your GTM.

    Mike Holland's www.myraceshop.com makes and sells upgrade parts for Factory Five GTM customers.  These parts include suspension alignment shims, heater bypass valves, cooling system parts, power steering components, and 930 CV joint conversion to name a few.

    Richard Oben is the man behind North Racecars in Gladstone, Missouri.  The company has provided professional build services and a large line of performance upgrade parts to Factory Five customers for more than ten years.
    Terry at The Dream Car Company offers a great selection of billet style side mirrors for Factory Fives.  If you're looking for that finishing touch for your build, check out Terry's mirrors.
    Chris built his first Factory Five in 1998 and his company, Dark Water Customs, has become a great member of the community providing quality accessories and add-on products for Factory Five cars.  Check out his door sills, air dams, and mirror brackets at his website.
    Procision Auto offers custom LCD gauges, PCM Tuning, and Performance Parts for your FFR kit! Shipping available. Ask for Tino!
    The NCM Insurance Agency offers Agreed Value Protection for your FFR or any other collector vehicle, and we can even insure your car while being built! Call us at 877.678.7626 or go online at www.ncminsurance.com for a Collector Vehicle Insurance Quick Quote!
    Legend Lines produces high quality t-shirts and other appearal for the car guy in your family. Check out our newly launched website today!
    GASN side pipes are now available for your Factory Five, Mark I-IV roadsters and all Superformace roadsters. Made from T-304 stainless steel manufactured in the USA they are mandrel bent and tig welded.
    Reverse Logic Limited manufactures specialty tools to facilitate DIY auto repairs and maintenance. We earned a reputation for offering quality chassis specific jack pad tools for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Corvette, Nissan, and Porsche vehicles. We are also a proud reseller of Race Ramps products including custom trailer ramps with progressive inclines starting as low as 2.2 degrees.
    Colonel Red Racing is an authorized reseller of Murray Constant Tension Turbo Seal and Dual Bead Hose Clamps. We also manufacture our own line of DIY automotive specialty tools.
    Gear Head Inn is in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and the best cruising roads in our nation. We are a destination for the young and the young at heart who have a love affair with the open road.
    i.e.427 is located in the Southern California Inland Empire. We help Factory Five customers and builders realize their dreams by providing assembly, fabrication and maintenance for their Factory Five projects.
    FFMetal has over 12 years of making aluminum parts to make your FFR Roadster just a bit cooler and functional. Thicker firewalls, recessed battery boxes, and other great stuff!
    iWire is here for all your Subaru wiring harness needs. We can do anything from stripping down a harness to a fully built and customized harness for any Subaru powered application.
    Call Corsia Logistics at (818) 850-5258 or learn about the cost to ship a car online. Making history by delivering history, and your peace of mind.
    If you need an MK4 Roadster (and who doesn't?) but don't have the time, tools or space to build it yourself, let Kit Cobras do it for you. We do one thing, and we do it well.
    The best selling APE Hardtop and Flip-up window system continues.Now under new ownership and management of Mike Kelley, a fellow FFR roadster owner, who can be contracted at 503-706-1400.
    Ted Falk at Replica Promotions offers a full line of killer clothing and accessories for the Factory Five community.
    Contact Ash at Phoenix Art Design for custom design and photoshop work to help you visualize that great idea for your build! Spice up your walls in paint, pencil, or digital mediums.

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