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The FIRST Blog!

What's this blog thing all about, anyway?

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My first blog entry.

What makes a blog different than a Thread? How many blogs can a person have? Would having a blog make a good build journal? Or are they better suited as an online diary? Can non-members see these blogs?

These are but a few questions to answer in this, the first blog.

Let's experiment...

Updated 02-05-2011 at 10:42 PM by David Hodgkins (Fixed title!)

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  1. David Hodgkins's Avatar
    First comment...

    Well, the first thing I noticed is that I can't edit it after it's posted. maybe that's why there is an option to save draft, and not publish...


    EDIT: the second thing I notice is that I can edit my comment.
  2. David Hodgkins's Avatar
    Well, turns out you CAN edit the blog, including the blog title. When viewing the blog, Click on the "My Blog" link, and then the pencil next to the blog post. Once you enter advanced mode, you can change the title of the blog post! More experiments happening soon...
  3. Randy Jones's Avatar
    Can I comment on this blog like a thread?
  4. Randy Jones's Avatar
    It appears so!
  5. David Hodgkins's Avatar
    Randy, I have notifications turned on so I know when sombody posts a reply. Thanks for testing it for me!

    The great thing about a blog as opposed to a thread is that, for example, you have a build blog, all of the comments for a particular blog post are grouped together, away from the blog itself, so that the blog remains concise and doesn't wander off topic like threads do.

    These blogs will make great build journals!

  6. 65 Cobra Dude's Avatar
    Testing the blog. Works great.

  7. Garry Bopp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 65 Cobra Dude
    Testing the blog. Works great.


    I finally got logged on.

  8. vnmsss's Avatar
    I finally got logged on.

    Me too! K
  9. Mark Dougherty's Avatar
    Hey Karen
    Glad you made it

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