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T-Minus 1 week until the birth of a new anniversary roadster!

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My brother Phil, who like me has allways had the Cobra bug, jumped on the chance to get one of the new anniversary Roadsters. It's t-minus one week until it's done! It is scheduled to be completed on Tuesday, 3/15 and will be picked up by Stewart Transport shortly thereafter for the trip to California.

Not many options on the list because the kit is so complete! The current plan is to stuff a TKO 600 - backed FMS BOSS 427 under the hood. Oof. It should be a screamer!

Phil is semi-retired and will be working on his build in Encino, for all you valley dudes out there (I grew up there so I can say that ). His son Matthew, 15, is drooling at the mouth waiting to start the build with his dad! Many happy memories are about to be made.

I'm sure he'll be posting soon so be on the lookout for his posts. BTW that makes 3 anniversary roadsters in LA so far that I'm aware of. It's going to be a fun spring and summer of building in So-Cal!

Pics coming as soon as I can get them. Maybe even a spy shot or two from the womb? DS? Pretty Please?

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  1. Phil Hodgkins's Avatar
    Less than one week to go until my car is shipped.
    I hope Dave will help me out but I'm sure there are a few builders out here in Los Angeles.
    More soon.

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