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R. Button

Out in the shop with the ol'Mark I

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Every so often I take a break from my work and studies to get my hands dirty working on some part of the ol’Mark I. It gives my brain a change of pace.

Been in the shop this past weekend working on the ol’Mark I. I ordered more tires for the rear – they do seem to wear a lot faster than the front! But more of the issue was I finally had to replace my stock oil pan with a pan that was above the frame tubes. My original stock 5.0l oil pan rear drain bolt had been bent back so much it was impossible to get it out of the oil pan. Think I might have been a little too quick over the speed bumps?? So Gordon Levy to the rescue with his oil pan that was above the frame and also has all the tiny doors in the pan to control the oil slosh when out on the autocross courses! Old oil pan came off and new pan … hummm started to go on … struggled with fitting the oil pan around the oil pickup as the pan was tight up against the bell housing and caught on my main bearing cap girdle! Eventually taking a few breaks and trying different ways to installing the pan and it all fit up on the engine ok. So now I can lay on the floor and look under the car to see my nicely newly painted Ford Blue oil pan. Do the rest of you sometimes just sit there in the shop, looking at your car enjoying the project you just completed? Particularly a difficult project like fitting rear brake calipers and emergency cables on, or rewiring a dash, or some other project that took you a few days maybe to get done. When it’s all done, in my case no leaks, just kick back and have a moment of just enjoying looking at the ol’Mark… all with the thought geezz.. I really did it and it works too!

In a few weeks IF I pass all my classes I’ll fill ya’All in on what I have been doing… IF I PASS this last one! I hate to say something then fail and have to retake the course… so next post on the blog I’ll fill ya in IF I PASS and the professors accept my paper. Meanwhile I'm out on the road wearing out what's left of the rear tire rubber!

Updated 10-01-2013 at 10:09 PM by R. Button

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  1. David Hodgkins's Avatar
    You da' man Ralph!

    As far as sitting around admiring the beast, I'm really good at it!

    I can't wait to hear about your latest accomplishment. Good luck!

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