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Terminator Roadster Build by cChrisM - MK3 7011

The Beginning, Why a Factory Five Roadster

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I have always been into cars. My Dad always had old cars around. He had a 1929 Model A Ford fully restored, a couple of Metropolitans and a 64 Ford Galaxie XL convertible. When I was old enough I bought the Galaxie from him and did minor work on it. Great cruiser but didn't handle at all. My Dad and a buddy of his both had late 80's Mercedes 560SL, when his buddy was going to trade his in I bought it. This one handled better than the Galaxie and had the power. I really liked the car until one day a guy from work with his 911 Carrera says I'm driving a hair dressers car. Well that got into my head and I sold it to a guy that fit the description. So I wanted to get a muscle car. I always liked my first car a Mustang (79 4 cly. turbo). Looked great but didn't go fast. I didn't want to get into a rust bucket and didn't think I had the skills to take on a restoration nor the cash to buy a restored on. So flipping through the car magazines I see an add about Factory Five. I order their brochure and free video. Once I saw it, I was hooked.

I still didn't have the confidence to build it, so I dreamed for awhile and planned out what my build would be like. I saw Sergio's site and was sold on the Terminator. This was the ultimate engine for this car and was meant to be in a Cobra, just an older version. I put in my order on 9/2/08, the pick up date kept getting pushed back.

After the fact, I decided that I needed to figure out if I could even take on this project. So I attended the Motts College build school on 10/3-5/08. What an experience. In three days you start with a frame and by the end of Sunday the instructor is doing donuts in the parking lot. I can build it!

Updated 10-16-2013 at 08:43 PM by cChrisM

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  1. JL1958's Avatar
    I really like what you are doing. I wish I had the guts to try to build one. I am loving mine, but would like to say I built it.
    Great posts. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

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