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In Uterto!

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I was fortunate enough to have a high-ranking spy within FFR snap some pics of what should be frame # 2 of the anniversary (anni) series roadsters. This kit is scheduled to be loaded up sometime this week for the trip out west to California to my brother Phil's home in Encino.

First up is a few pics of the building bay where two anni roadsters are having their aluminum pieces put on along side two GTMs. The obvious note here is the cool silver powdercoating. This is the first major difference visually that identifies an anni roadster from the "norm". Phil's roadster in at the bottom in this shot:

In this shot you can make out that the different models have their parts grouped together for easy access. Pretty efficient!

Next up are a few pics of what the frames look like as the sheetmetal is being added. For those of you in-the-know, who is the builder attaching the sheetmetal in this shot?

And here is a solo shot of the frame, with attached sheetmetal. As we get through the first part of the build, these will be powder-coated. As with most builds, the final colors have yet to be decided, but Silver throughout is very, very high on the list of options. I'm pretty sure you can tell from the driver's footbox that this will be a small block build. Actually, the planned powerplant is going to be a FMS BOSS 427, which is based on the BOSS 351 block. This engine is rated at 535 HP with 545 ft/lbs of torque out of the box! This sucker's gonna scream!

Finally, here's a shot with the body on. Man, those MKIV bodies are nice...

As I said, the truck is leaving some time this week. The first goal is to have a roller we can bring to the HB show in April.

Let's get this build on the road!!
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  1. Magnus's Avatar
    "Uterto"? Did you mean "utero"?
  2. frankeeski's Avatar
    David, If you guys need help getting it to the roller stage just give me a call and I am there. Seeing the assembly in the pictures above brings me back to the tour I took so many years ago. Frank

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