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Terminator Roadster Build by cChrisM - MK3 7011

Dropped Trunk Mod, Touring Trunk Mod, Body Mounting Point Mod

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The MK3 is well known for the purky butt, basically a hump in the fiberglass trunk. In addition when viewed from the rear of the car, you could see the gas tank under the body. One way people were fixing this issue was to lower the body to hide the gas tank and make the purky trunk less noticeable. My plan was to either mod the fiberglass or buy a different trunk lid. I also followed the well documented dropped trunk mod by CobraDVM.

There are two versions a half drop which does not require welding and a full drop which I went with. Basically the lower mounting point for the body becomes the top and a new lower mounting point is welded in. In addition the side 3/4 square tube is removed and rewelded allowing the body to lower enough to completely hide the gas tank. The interior trunk of the MK3 had a two tier trunk space, There was lots of room between the tank and the aluminum. The early version of the MK4 had a lowered trunk, so I bought the new version aluminum and rewelded the trunk cross braces to make more storage room. Even with this mod, I had room to add a lowered area for the fuel system controls.
This mod took a little time but is one of the best mods to improve the look of the car.
Original trunk design

Rewelded trunk area

Early MK4 trunk aluminum

The last two pics show the new mounting for the body in the rear and the cut and lowered rear hoop and side pieced lowered. The aluminum needed to be trimmed as well on the sides.

Gas tank is hidden

On the right side you can see the top hole which was the original mounting location, no longer used. The new design I don't need to get behind the body to get a nut on the mounting bolt.
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