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R. Button

Back in the day 05/14/1998 the Assembly Manual for a 427 SC arrived

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IT all started with a visit at the OLD FFR offices after a trip back from New York City. On the drive home from FFR I thought about what I saw, yup they were a real company so took a chance and ordered an assembly manual part number 10632 for $50.00, thus account number 1732 was created back at FFR.
On or about 6/10/98 the kit was complete and ready for customer number 1732 to pick it up (still wish I had paid the extra $2980 to have a carbon fiber body!)
My youngest son and I hooked up a u haul car transporter trailer to the back of our pickup, bolted two 4x8 sheets of 3/4 plywood to the trailer thus making a floor and off we went to pickup FFR1436K. On July 11, 1998 we drove into FFR parking lot and Mark Smith helped us load up FFR1436K for the return trip back to Maine.
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By the end of the month of July I had begun the process of applying for a State of Maine title for this car I was building out in an old carriage house behind our home in Maine.
And so in 1998 FFR chassis 1436K officially became titled, in the State of Maine, as a vehicle approved to be driven... and driven... and driven on the highways of the USA!
And as the official VIN is just a short 6 character number it has driven, the State of North Carolina, Arkansas, and Texas motor vehicle staff crazy ... but in the end it still got licensed in each one of those states... and driven and driven and driven!

For the base price of $9,900, I had built a car... I was Henry Ford! Ok so it cost a few more dollars for the donor parts and just a couple of dollars over the years - mostly for tires and only one of two other add on go faster parts...

See you out on the road... with the good old FFR Mark I chassis number 1436...

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  1. David Hodgkins's Avatar
    Great story Ralph! Hard to believe they let 5 go at the same price you got yours for. How many miles do you have on her now?

  2. R. Button's Avatar
    Well lets see ... oh wait... can I tell you when I get to the Open House in the middle of next month???
    It's been a while since I last visited FFR ... it's time for a return trip! So the car is being prep'd for a trip.
    What that means is clean the windscreen of the bugs so I can count the fresh bugs that I will collect on the trip up.
    The little Blue Mark I - with the luggage rack on the back and the leather suitcase strapped on... will be me buzzing up from the far reaches of Texas - in Texas you can't get any further west than where I live!
    And Dave... you still serve free food at the open house - right???
  3. NHolds's Avatar
    I must have ordered mine right after yours.. mine is 1439. Still on the road and won a Top 25 plaque at the local Memorial Day car show.
  4. R. Button's Avatar
    1439 & 1436 might be sisters but for sure they are at least cousins! The OLD Mark I cleaned up do well!

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