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R. Button

A Great Adventure - or on the road to Factory Five Open House

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In a few days I leave the absolutely most western point of Texas - Mountain time zone - for FFR's 20th Anniversary Open House. Ya, it will be a trip of about 2400 miles one way to get to FFR but like most of my trips that will only be a pause in the trip. After the Open house I'm driving on up to what is called Downeast Maine. We'll repack the car with some additional bags, suitcases, books, etc THEN the real trip will begin! Our granddaughter is coming down to Texas for her summer adventure! To say she is excited is a vast understatement. She is only 10 years old BUT ever since she saw the Mark I, officially it has been know as HER CAR that grandpa is just keeping for her! Imagine this little 6 year old blond coming up to you in a car show to tell you, in only the kind of voice that little blond 6 year old can say, "I have a car like that, my grandpa is storing it for me!"
Grandchildren are what makes having kids worthwhile!
When my son and I replaced the engine in the ol'Mark I, throughout the entire day she had climbed into the driver seat to take up her position and thus monitored the changes being made to HER CAR! We had to pull her out of the car for lunch! Only to have her climb over the door and back into the car as quickly as she could, after she ... ate is not an accurate word ... more like gobble down her food! She did not want to miss a moment of the work.
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That's what will make this long trip worthwhile! This will be HER big adventure of this summer!
She has been planning our route back with a stay at "expensive" hotels. SO I asked what kind of expensive hotel are we going to stay at? I got a response in a ...like I should know kind of voice, over skype ... "Grandpa, it's the ones with a pool and free food!"
I also noticed that the route is mapped right through midtown NYC - seems she has never, that she remembers, ever been in NYC and really, REALLY, wants to just drive through NYC. I use to work just across from Bryant Park, so this will be a revisit to the ol'City. No stops, just a drive through kind of visit.
Ya this will be an adventure - a most excellent adventure.
We're hooking up GoPro cameras to record her adventure. We'll gather all the images and video's to create a presentation she can take back to school, after the summer, to show what She did with her summer vacation!

Updated 06-08-2015 at 07:39 PM by R. Button

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  1. AZPete's Avatar
    This really hits a soft spot in me. I whole heartily agree that grandchildren make having kids worthwhile! What a great adventure for both of you. Last summer I took two grandsons, 9 and 11, to NYC for 5 days with good memories we will all treasure forever. As you know, some day your granddaughter will be extolling her memorable cross-country drive with Grandpa to your great grandchildren . . . .in "Her Cobra".
    Please get us pics and videos of your adventure because you'll have hundreds of us guys riding with you in spirit. You are our Idol, after all. Happy Trails!
  2. R. Button's Avatar
    Thank you Pete for your comments...
    The plan is to post a few of the pictures along the way and maybe a brief video or two here. We'll try and make it a shared adventure
  3. R. Button's Avatar
    I've had three speedo's in my car since I built it. The first two were Mustang converted. The first one I melted the cable and broke the plastic gears, the second one the face plate came unglued and jammed the needle = broken needle.

    So here is the current speedo at the start of my trip. Leaving very early in the AM Wednesday.

    It actually kind of amazing what we can do now. Back just a few years you had a camera took the picture on 35mm film, had it developed, make sure you remember to ask them to also scan the images to create a cd with the images on it. Now you take the picture with cell phone click one icon and it resizes the image down - seems the cell phones are so good now they image is huge and in really great detail. Then click on another icon and it uploads the image, ready to post in a few minutes.

    Now the little GoPro camera has WiFi built in, which connects to my cell phone hotspot so I could stream the actual video to a website... all this has happened in just a few years!! Geezz I'm getting old fast...

  4. R. Button's Avatar
    The car is packed and ready...

    And this will be about as clean as the windscreen will get over the next few days!

    Hope to see Ya'All east coast people in a few days!
  5. R Thomas's Avatar
    What an experience having two grands of my own I can imagine your feelings. Love it when my grandson climbs in the Mustang for me to put down the convertible top.
  6. FFR-ADV's Avatar
    Nice to meet you and your son at the open house.

    Have fun with your granddaughter. Sounds like a great adventure awaits complete with video.
  7. R. Button's Avatar
    This adventure is over. We have about 64G of video shot along the way with pictures that we're sifting through. Lots of sun block was used for granddaughter. She has my genes as she also sleeps in the car! It was interesting to travel with a 9 year old that has more energy than a reactor! We had fun though as she preferred to travel with the top off even in the rain. Here is the speedo reading after we got home in Texas.

    I do need to thank FFR guy's! I arrived at the open house with a broken windscreen - stones off a construction truck in Connecticut! And they just happen to have a windscreen glass with frame only on the "specials" table. They offered to pull my windscreen and get it replaced before the show really got started. SO we did the windscreen change in the FFR parking lot! I had a clean unbroken windscreen for the trip home! A BIG thank you to all the FFR team that helped get the windscreen changed!
    Updated 06-29-2015 at 12:16 AM by R. Button
  8. R. Button's Avatar

    Look very carefully behind me and you'll notice that only the chrome windscreen support arm in showing, on the passenger side. The picture was taken when they were in the FFR shop making the frame changes to the windscreen glass!

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