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R Thomas

F150 Coyote in FFR#48 NASA ST2

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Ford Control pack for coyote works on any coyote, F150 or Mustang. It ran super great! no issues whatsoever with the engine. The power steering that Im using did have issues though, not sure why and I changed both pump and steering rack with no change. Random turns I would loose power steering, then it came back randomly. Very hard to drive a race like that. Unfortuantely when the car was in the pits power steering had no issues, just on track at full speed. Ill have to research this further.

I also had low oil pressure under braking and in high-g turns. I tried adding an additional quard (9 in total) and same effect. So, I've purchased the big accusump (3qt 22" x 4.25" round) along with their 35-40psi electric solonoid valve and will plumb that in hoping to resolve my oiling issues.


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