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Lexan window replacement

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Thank you all for your replies. i decided to give Lexan a try using the original glass windshield gasket. First I removed the windshield and took off the bottom channel. The rubber gasket came off pretty easily but there was a bunch of sealant goop that had to be cleaned off the old windshield and gasket using paint thinner and elbow grease.

Next I purchased a piece of 3/16" Makrolon AR-2, the abrasion resistant stuff. With a little help from my daughter and her friend I had them hold up the new Lexan to the old windshield as I traced the shape onto the AR-2.

The guy at Tap Plastics recommended a jig saw with a course blade to cut the AR-2. Before the cut I put some masking tape over the plastic coating where the base of the jig saw would ride over just for some added protection. The jig saw worked great. Afterward the cut I sanded the edge with some 120 grit.

I trimmed back plastic coating about 1/2" around the perimeter of the new windshield on both sides and placed the old gasket material around the edge and then used some dishsoap on the gasket to ease it back into the frame. A second pair of hands is really good at this point and my son's were available so he got drafted. The bottom frame piece went on next and then screwed in place. The new Lexan is 4.58mm thick while the glass was 5.66mm so it was pretty easy going into the frame but not sloppy once it was buttoned up. Finally the windshield went back on the car with the help of my wife and son. The clarity of the Lexan is great and I don't anticipate having to mess with this again.

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