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R. Button

Back on the road ... AGAIN!

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I've been quiet here on the forum, for a while, mostly due to work and classes. I work in the world of eCommerce systems or as some know them as, Internet shopping sites. I seem to be good enough at it, that companies want me to keep working with them. I considered retiring but would get bored too quickly. I'm also working on my Masters in Theology. This means lots of reading with lengthy papers as I focus on specific aspects of the studies I want to concentrate on and eventually hope there is a PhD paper or book in the works.
The monks at the Abbey have a ďgatheringĒ, for lack of a better way of describing it, happening on the 8th of April. So deals were made, other staff are covering the work so I can take a few days off to be on the ROAD again!
As Iím in upstate NY now, the car was off the road for the first time in years. I managed to find a set of used FFR headers and a few other kool parts that I wanted to installon the car. The simple pull off the old headers and install the new ones turned into a complex parts changing process!
Passenger sideÖ I had to change my coolant recovery tank to a different design as the existing one was in the way of the passenger headers. Including in the process there was some wiring that had to be moved off the F panel were I wanted to mount the recovery tank. Then there was the fuel regulator that had to be moved. I use the stock Mustang in tank electric fuel pump (from a 1990 Mustang). I retained the duel lines from the tank to the regulator but now the two lines were way too close to the header! The regulator drops the pressure down to a more reasonable fuelline pressure for a carburetor.
Driver sideÖI had to reroute the rear brake line to clear the driver side header. Then there was the wait for large port header heads gaskets. I was going to use the copper silicon gasket but for now opted for gaskets. And as expected, the usual header bolts problems This time I went with some header bolts drilled for safety wires that I hope will keep the bolts from loosening up. They come with a long socket allen wrench which made them install easier. Thus my very late night winter project went, in between work and papers.

So itís time to take a break! Spring is in the air! Time to take a ROAD TRIP! The Monks contacted me in time to plan this out. This is only a half way across the country or about 1500 miles one way. But I get a little time to disconnect from the phones, computers, etc and just enjoy the ride. (And also to see how well FFR headers work too!)
So next week Iíll be back on the road again checking out how the world is doing,
Iíll be the one stopping to talk with the other road voyagers, at the gas pumps, as they peek around to see what kind of car it is.
Iíll post a few videoís as I drive along. Itís much easier now to post videos of a trip compared to having a cameraman riding along with you (back in the day 😊). The world has changed so quickly!
Next week I'm off to Shawnee, Ok

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  1. R. Button's Avatar
    Well plans change as the weather has not helped! We have gone from summer, spring and winter all in a day! Snow here in NY this am!
    While rain is not an issue, cold rain is also not an issue - as I have a soft top and heater. What is a problem is the soft compound tires I have on my car (Goodyear F1 gs-d3 summer tires - "tires are not recommended for winter use" ). These tires while awesome in the rain and incredible on the road courses are more like hard rubber bricks in the cold. So the little Blue will have to stay home this time and I'm off in the RV. Really bummed about it! Wife is much happier about the choice.
    Already planning other trips - just this time the weather was not being as helpful as I would have liked!


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