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Lawson's 818C

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While I've technically been working on this project for 6 months, the real progress on the build has just begun and the 818 part is still a few months down the road. I figured now would be a good time to start a build thread and introduce myself since I'll be asking more questions on the forum as I begin working on the donor and kit parts. I'm a Georgia Tech mechanical engineering student from Georgia, but my build will actually take place entirely in Michigan. I'm co-oping with General Motors (alternating school/work semesters) and all of my time on the build will happen during my work semesters. This means that I will only be making any progress during 6 months or so out of every year but the upside is I plan to make that a very productive 6 months. I've gotten to look at Hindsight's 818S in Atlanta and there are lots of great builds on here that I know I'll steal a few good ideas from.

A little info on my build as it stands:
  • Donor Car- 2004 Subaru WRX with an STI shortblock and WRX heads that I picked up for $2300. It's not in great shape, but perhaps worth what I payed.
  • Kit Delivery and Options- I ordered an 818C kit with the ktuned shifter, carpeting, and powder coated frame. Kit delivery in May 2018.
  • I'm currently tearing down the donor and rebuilding the engine before I take delivery of the kit.

  • Street legal car
  • Comfort features such as power locks, A/C, and stereo. A/C especially for a coupe that I plan to drive in GA.
  • Modest power goals- ~300hp at the crank

I don't plan to use this thread as my main way of sharing the build. Most of my frequent updates will be posted on the website I've created for the build. I like the Google Sites webpage because it makes it much easier to share photos and content in an organized format compared to a really messy build thread. I'll update this thread at most major milestones though as a sort of overview version of the website (think like 3-4 posts a year). The thread is also a good way for people to contact me about the build so I'd like to keep it semi up-to-date. I've got a blog on the website that you can subscribe to email updates for if interested.
Website Link: 818coupe.com

Donor: Click image for larger version. 

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