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Donor Teardown Complete and Kit preparation

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Quote Originally Posted by lsfourwheeler View Post
Here's what I've been up to the last few months: Lots more pictures and info on my website if you're interested.

Big Milestones:
  1. Donor fully stripped and the shell has been taken off to scrap.
  2. I tore down the engine, replaced just about everything, and now have it mostly back together.
  3. Kit is payed for with pickup happening on May 14th!

Engine Rebuild:

  • Since my donor engine was a bit of a mess, I quickly got to rebuilding it in January. It's been a long process learning how to get this thing back together but I've certainly gained a few new skills.
  • The entire engine has either been machined or replaced except for the rods. New (used) block, new pistons, machined heads, valve job, new (used) STi oil pan, new (used) STi side-feed injectors and fuel rails, and new TGV's. Plus lots of new bolts and everything else has had a thorough cleaning.
    • Had to replace the block because of cylinder damage and lots of stripped threads. A used block proved to be the cost-effective solution.
    • Pistons are JE Hybrid pistons that drop the compression ratio since I am running EJ205 heads on a EJ257 block.

  • Rebuild is almost finished, it needs the accessories, timing belt system, and intake.

  • Got all of the donor parts removed from the car. Shell has been scrapped.
  • Wiring harness was as big of a mess as I anticipated. I don't know what route I'm going for the kit, but this harness will only be used for connectors at most.
  • Sold lots of parts! In total, the net amount I payed for the donor parts after sales is ~$1000 (does not include engine rebuild costs).

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