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Mark r

Any recomendations for a supercharger

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Hi all,
I am thinking of installing a supercharger on my MK3 roadster, which has the following set up:

302 ( currently producing 340HP)
Holley street avenger 570 carb
Forged pistons
Edlebrock performer intake
Ford Racing X cylinder heads
9:0:1 compression

The one I am leaning towards is the Weiand 174.

Do any members have any experience with this make, installation tips or are there other super chargers out there that you would recommend?

Many thanks,
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  1. stack's Avatar
    i have the 174 on my car. No issues with installing it fits great. the air cleaner can be a challenge but very doable. I say go for it

  2. giantkiller426's Avatar
    I installed a torquestorm centrifugal with a quick fuel blow through carb on my 427 sbf, simple and easy with a boost retard system .

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