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33' Hot Rod louvers

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Always liked the old look of louvers and I notice the NEW generation hot rod has louvers on the hood sides. I like that,,, have been searching, not real hard, for a way to add them to my 33' hood sides. Maybe even the hood and could even do the trunk. My 1st thought was just cosmetic non functional and was thinking fiberglass to make an easier install. But it looks like the new gen louvers are actually functional. I know there is a huge amount of talent out there,,, has anybody done this and have some great thoughts on the subject??? I am a long way off but keep thinking a few steps ahead so I can remain,,,, challenged.
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  1. Tom Veale's Avatar
    Hi Andy,
    Here's a page of photos on louvers I put together some time ago. Images include what I did, and some photoshopped ideas along with some cars I've spotted at Cruise Nights along the way.
    I hope these give you some ideas.

    Mine were simple. I matched the angle to the rear edge of the panel and made a parallelogram with masking tape and sawed out the piece. Then I glassed it back in flared out for venting. Paint shop then resprayed it and made it look pretty again.
    Updated 01-16-2019 at 10:38 PM by Tom Veale

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