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Dave Smith

Anniversary Edition Parts Begin to Land

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For those of you who are unaware, we are making 15 very special commemorative edition Mk4 Roadsters to memorialize our 15 Year Anniversary making Roadsters. We are building and have already sold only 15 cars. I saved 001/015 for myself, but I just found out that Heather Smith (wife of the late-great Dick Smith) wanted to get one of them so she might end up with my number.

Any way, here are some pictures from a day in the life here at Factory Five as we begin production on the new 2nd Generation Type 65 Coupe and parts for the Anniversary Cars production run begin arriving.

We had a newly painted Mk4 at the Winter Open House. Don't tell any one, but it was painted Rosa Corsa (world's collide on this one)!

The Anniversary Edition rear ends arrived powder coated in a special silver and etched with the Anniversary logo.

The first of the Anniversary Edition frames came back from the powder coaters.

Here's a brand new Coupe nose just out of the new molds!

Gen 2 Type 65 Coupes are going together. I believe this is the second or third chassis.

Anniversary floor mats arrived. This is a sample mouse pad sized floor mat with the logo.

It's like Christmas!

The silver powder coating came out great!

These 15 silver chassis are very special.
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  1. Dave Smith's Avatar

    A new '33 chassis being made.

    Jerry mans the CNC cutter.

    Can I borrow a clamp?

    Nate Johnson in molding.
  2. Dave Smith's Avatar

    CNC robot and Hot Rod panels.

    A Mk4, 2 Coupes, and a GTM.

    A GTM chassis waiting for aluminum panels.
  3. Dave Smith's Avatar

    Working man boots in molding.

    Sally mans the front desk with a good view.

    Andy waits for Spring.

    Josh and Fred get back to the grind.
  4. Dave Smith's Avatar

    Nothing like an ocean of steel and aluminum.

    Factory Five autotrons slaving away at their miserable existence.

    Jesper, Director of Engineering, back at the CAD station.

    There's a Hot Rod in the office!
  5. Dave Smith's Avatar

    Bill unpacks powder coated components.

    Jessie and Paul in shipping.

    Mk4s fresh out of the oven.

    Kevin in Welding.
  6. LuckyWinner's Avatar
  7. ChopperJustin's Avatar
    Wow that red Mk4 is B - E - A - Utiful!!!!
  8. GWL's Avatar
    Thanks for the shop tour. Great pictures.
  9. Gopher's Avatar
    Go see it in person its much more impressive.
  10. Gopher's Avatar
    When will I start seeing parts arrive at my door.Can't wait to start putting mine together.
  11. subyrod's Avatar
    Are those red bodies the colored gel coat you mention you'll be trying out on the suby donor kits?
  12. Dave Smith's Avatar
    Yeah, but the new car has to be designed in panels (like a production vehicle with quarter panels, hood, trunk, etc) because to do a perfectly paint-free part, we have to get rid of the mold parting lines. The gel coat bodies and new molds of the FFR cars are part of a larger evolution that involves the new car.

    Dave Smith
  13. Olimk2's Avatar
    If you want to get rid of all parting line, we have to think like a thermo vacuum process, in that case, could be done in ABS, have got something like this on my desk at the moment...
  14. CDXXVII's Avatar
    Does anybody know where all the 15 year anniversary mk4 roadsters are shipping to?

    I know of two maybe three coming to Southern California.
  15. Gopher's Avatar
    One is comming to McHenry Illinois it about 75 miles north of Chicago
  16. LuckyWinner's Avatar
    One should be going to California, hoping I get orders somewhere in SoCal. I would love to see a picture of all 15 frames and bodies on the wall with all our names. Still wondering which number I will be getting, not that it matters, just happy to have one!!!!
  17. jwithro's Avatar
    Oh wow! I want a '33 really bad. Those pics got my heart rate up.....

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