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Picking up a new project: 1966 Mustang GT Coupe Restomod!

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I'm buying a 1966 GT Coupe from a college buddy of mine. It has a new roller 302 engine with edelbrock heads and intake with a Holley street avenger Carb. The front suspension is new with Total control Products UCA and Global West LCA and sub fram connectors, Vintage 48 wheels and Nitto tires, an 8" rear with 3.55 gears and rare (I'm told) Torsen Differential. The body is straight with a little rust in front of the door and a small rust spot over 1 rear wheel. The front sub frame was stripped and por 15 applied. It has a red pony interior and a complete Blsck pony interior in boxes. The owner says it only needs a radiator and driveshaft. He also has frame stiffeners that could be welded to the bottom of the car.

Many pics to follow. His dad was the second owner and has had the car since 1981. It's a California car, built in San Jose.

The owner is a good friend and I'm getting a good deal. It's going to be my 18yo son's first car and he will do the majority of the rest of the build. He's getting a job to pay 50% of the purchase price back to me and all parts...

More info coming...
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  1. vnmsss's Avatar
    Congratulations David! Looks like a very cool project!

  2. Someday I Suppose's Avatar
    David, very cool project for sure. When I was 18 I had a 65 Coupe as well, this one is a lot nicer then that was lol, but loved the heck out of that car, and it is what got me interested in Cobras...
  3. David Hodgkins's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I've been looking for one for a long time. My son and I really want a fastback, but since this car has a salvage title (rearended in the 80's friend's Dad bought it back from the ins. co.) we feel like at some point in the future we may convert it. At this point now though we both just want to get it running.

    I'll post more specs when I get them. The car comes with a TON of spare parts so we can pick what to keep and Ebay the rest.

    I'll be using this blog - or Grant's - to record the rest of the build. I know there isn't much mustang traffic here but all the important people are!

  4. frankeeski's Avatar
    Very Cool Dave! My first car was a 1968 Coupe with a 66-289HiPO in it. Finally sold that car in the 90's. Grant and Dad are going to have allot of fun bringing her back to life.

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