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Blogging, blogging, blogging...

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So now that we have launched, a bunch of people have started to use the blogs. If you haven't done so already, check them out! Each one is unique, and some already have some great content in them...

Also, the vendor links page was launched last night. The rates are very afforable, and hopefully wil ENCOURAGE more folks to innovate! If you have a cool widget for any one of the FFR's, why not join as a Supporting Vendor and sell them?

On a side note, my brother's 15th anniversay roadster id due to be completed on March 15th? can't wait to see it! Lot's of pics and blog entries should follow that date for sure...

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  1. subyrod's Avatar
    Can't wait to see wha tthe FFR crew posts in here, pictures, videos, etc. and hopefully some design comp ideas and in progress pics get posted (although many may want to keep that Top Secret).

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