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1966 Mustang GT Restomod first drive!

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My son's first car is really coming together! As a bit of back story, I picked up this car from a friend who had completed a complete drive train replacement involving a new 302, T5, Torsen rear end and '99 cobra brakes. I had to complete the wiring, enlarge the front wheel wells, install the drive-shaft and sub-frame connectors, finish the hardline/brake hose install, install the exhaust and gut/replace the interior. We've been making great progress (with the help of this forum) and today we drove it for the first time! We bled the brakes a total of 4 times before we chased down all the leaks - you can see the trails of brake fluid in the videos - but after a "dry" run I handed the keys off to my son for his first drive. Boy was he excited!!
The car was converted from an automatic to a 5 speed and he is still learning but he is a very happy camper tonight. Here are some clips of him completing his first drive around the neighborhood.

He is learning to drive a stick with a Mustang that he helped to build, with nearly 400 HP on tap, after we get it tuned. He was really respectful of the car, and treated it with kid gloves on his first drive. Here he is, driving it solo for the first time:

Here is the end of his first drive. As I said, he is one happy camper! We will be registering it this week (It's been non-op for 6 years). When he turns 26 he plans to build his first FFR! His plans are for a '65 Coupe. He has good taste in cars!!

The camera doesn't pick it up, but at the end after he kills the ignition he says " this is totally awesome!" and I started to laugh. I'm so happy for him. He has really put a lot of effort into this and he totally "owns" the build of his first car.

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  1. Jeff Kleiner's Avatar
    He is exactly right David; it is totally awesome!
  2. frankeeski's Avatar
    That's so great David. Tell Grant he is doing a great job (with a bit of help from Dad). We look forward to seeing his new car in a few weeks.
  3. Mark Dougherty's Avatar
    Congrats to you and your son

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