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Thread: Looks to be a FFR 33?

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    Looks to be a FFR 33?

    I came across this at youtube, while looking for 33 ford supercharged videos.

    It sure looks like a FFR 33, check out the the way the top is on, the side window slots, inside door panels, front fenders on how they sit higher then a normal 33, watch how the hood opens.

    Either way this is one sweet rod, very nice two tone, not big on the graphics though. Love the way the rear fenders flow into the body.

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    Sure it a FFR. One of the best looking ones I have ever seen.

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    Love the way he did the exhausts tips!!! Ver y nice!!

    And that engine!!! WOW!!!

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    That car is gorgeous! If anyone has photos of this car, please post them!

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