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Thread: Brake Pads

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    Brake Pads

    Wondering which brake pads some of you are using on your roadsters?

    I am building our car with 1994 Mustang front and rear discs from a V6 mustang.

    Our car will be used for everyday driving, no track time planned at this time.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    There seems to be good results from Hawk and Carbotech. I have hawk HPS in front and HP+ in the rear w/ Mustang GT front and Mustang cobra rear calipers. The reason for the different pads is that FFRs need much more rear brake than the Mustangs did but we are using mustang calipers etc. The HP+ has more grip than the HPS but does dust more.
    FFR MkII, 408W, Tremec TKO 500, 2015 IRS, DA QA1s, Forte front bar, APE hardtop.

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