I was watching PowerBlock on TV this weekend and they did something interesting that I was thinking would be a good idea for us to consider. In order to keep fuel temps down a bit and thus (theoricially) increase power(denser/cooler fuel going into the engine), they sprayed the exterior of their fuel tank with LizardSkin thermal Ceramic Insulation.

Questions: Does anyone know if this would really make a difference (especially in a hot climate like I am in AZ)? And is there any reason not to do it because it would cause a problem with the tank itself to be sprayed like this?

Naturally I don't want to make this into a debate on LizardSkin's claim on how much they reduce the tempartures (or not). I have however seen on other threads here that folks have used this produce (or other similar ones) to spray on their floor pans to reduce thermal transfer from the street. Thoughs?