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Thread: FFR Side Mirrors - Replacement Convex Glass

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    FFR Side Mirrors - Replacement Convex Glass

    I used the FFR side mirrors on my car. However, the Right Side didn't have enough adjustment to get the job done. (I was looking at the side of the road, but not the lane next to me)

    I first drilled and tapped the "arm" and added threaded rod so I could turn the mirror in further but that still left me with very limited right hand side viewing.

    So, I looked in NAPA's catalog on-line and found a "stick on" convex mirror of the same diameter (NAPA Part # LIT 7044D). I think it was less than $5.00 but can't remember for sure. Then I popped out the old flat glass (it was "hot glued" in place). The NAPA convex mirror was in a plastic housing so all I needed to do was run it under hot water and pop out the glass from the plastic holder. Just to make sure the mirror lasts a while before getting fuzzy, I urethaned the back side of the mirror to prevent moisture damage over time. Then I glued it in to the FFR standard round holder with "Automotive Goop."

    This has helped me whether the new Ragtop is on or not. I made the change over a year ago but still remember the less-than-confident lane changes I had to make before changing the right side mirror.

    View from Outside the Car looking in.....................

    (Note the rear window size in each image. It's the same window, but the "lens effect" can be seen in the apparent size difference.)

    View from Driver's Seat looking out......................

    (Here also you can see the "lens effect" of teh mirror in the apparent closeness of the garage door behind the car.)

    So, rather than replace the entire housing and mounting system, you can replace just the glass.

    Best regards, Tom
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    Great idea! Thanks.

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    Yup, one of the best drivability mods you can make. View from the divers seat, I can see lanes either side of me and even my back tires when backing up.

    View from the drivers seat:

    Arrowhead's '33 Hot Rod Build Site:

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    Hi Arrowhead, I remember when you installed yours. That may have been what motivated me to look up the mirrors in Napa.


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    Nice mod! I've been running convex mirrors for a few years. As long as they are not TOO convex they work great. I still steal a peek ove my shoulder though merging into an empty lane. Cars coming up fast are hard to see with a convex mirror it they are severe.

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