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Thread: Fuel System Tips

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    Fuel System Tips

    I finished my fuel system today and thought I'd share some pointers. I'll cross post this in the fuel system thread.

    0. Cut 3/16 off the bottom tank mounting flanges before you start, it will make the tank so much more maneuverable.

    1. Don't install the breather first. The instructions say to do it first but you need the hole to look through to make sure your sock is sitting flat in the baffle area.

    2. The hose clamp that holds the pump was too big to fit through the hole, It may have been the diameter of my aftermarket fuel pump but I'm pretty sure it was the same size as stock. To get around it you can either bend the metal around the hole or get a lower profile hose clamp.

    3. None of the clips on the electrical connectors actually clip onto the sockets, they just slide off, I used a zip tie to clamp it on to the connector.

    4. Make sure you have the fill hose on before you drill your holes to mount the tank, I bolted the bottom down only to find out it was a hair too tight and wouldn't slip on. I had to move it 1/8th

    5. I just used a 9v battery to check the connections once it was buttoned up. easier than getting a battery charger and leads.

    Tips for getting the pump into the tank:

    When clamping the pump on the bracket, keep the worm gear on top of the bracket, that maximized the space for me. I still took pliers and bent the tank flange up near one of the notches to make a little extra room to get the clamp in. Then bent it back before tightening. You can also get a lower profile clamp (the one they provided was giant)

    Fold the sock, make sure you installed the star washer to hold the sock) tuck it in. Straighten out the bracket (pivot on the rivet) and tuck the assembly in, you may need to twist to get it under the flange, it will bend back after it's in because of the hose.

    Use the breather hole to get the sock flat in the baffle area.
    It really wasn't too bad.
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