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Thread: 818R "Glynman Style"

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    818R "Glynman Style"

    Was telling someone recently that it was always someone else's car I was helping build and make custom parts for. While not entirely true, I've never built a kit car of my own, though I helped with my brother's show car/drag car, VW powered dune buggy and I've done some mods to my STI. The front bumper facia is my work; modifying a cheap FRP part. Prototyping and custom work was my life before retiring.I used to race in SCCA. Then I did some Solo and autocross. For the last three years I have been doing mostly HPDE; first in an '11 STI and currently in my '08 STI. This was in September at Watkins Glen.
    20130929_WGI_D45_9016_Rev 2.jpg
    I was there at WGI to examine the 818 and see it first raced by John George. Killing everything on the track. That's when I got the bug.
    I will not buy a donor car. I was building an "Alpha motor" for my STI when I decided to buy an 818R. That motor will now go in the 818R. It can easily produce 450 WHP and spin 8K. I'm not sure where I will start out, horsepower-wise, but I'm thinking 400whp. I may benefit from a smaller turbo. So, bear with me as I try to strike a balance of silly fast and something I think I can handle. It's been a while since I drove a RWD car like the RX-7 R1 I had in 1993. Transitioning from a 8:1 to 5:1 P/W ratio car and going to RWD may be exciting.
    I am not intending to cut many corners on this build. I'm getting an unpainted R so I can modify it at will. Some mods might be a little outside the box for some who are using a donor. I can machine parts, TIG weld, fiberglass, cast parts and paint. I have an engine harness, but I intend to wire everything else from scratch.
    I want to have fun building this and have it be an expression of my taste and style. I may save a buck here and go crazy there. I am still taking in everything involved in the building process. I've been reading, yet I think I have just scratched the surface, so I may have some strange questions and ideas. I didn't finish my education in engineering... but there's been a life of experiential learning.
    I look forward to the input from others here in the forum. I hope to share in the experience.

    818R Build ideas, parts and goals:
    Raised, modified MR2 Shifter
    Race approved fuel cell, or cells, probably mounted on passenger side and behind a firewall.
    Fire suppression system.
    Custom ECU. No ABS. Custom wiring harness. Small 60 amp alternator and low-speed pulley. 4-6 pound Li battery.
    Racepak dash/data-logger
    Sparco Pro 2000 seat
    Quick release steering wheel. Hub TBD. Wheel: OMP Targa
    Exhaust: TBD. I am thinking I will get undermount setup from Full Race and create a spot for the turbo in front of the engine.
    Stoptech BBK (big brake kit) and bias valve. Front brake ductwork Backing plate mod.
    Custom pedal box.
    Custom, aftermarket steering rack
    Fabricate rear diffuser and front splitter. Buy wing. Same or similar to FFR offering.
    Raw frame will get red powdercoat. Thinking red vinyl with white stripes
    Gearbox and LSD:
    Probably dog box 5MT with stiffeners and racing LSD
    Wheels and Tires:
    Am looking in the range of 18x9.5~10, 38-45 ET for the rear and 17x8.25~9, 40-45 ET for the front.
    225~245 front tires and 255~275 rear tires. Hoosier or Goodrich DOT.
    Considering Enkei PF01,RPF1, Volk Racing TE37. I like the looks of the Weds TC-105N. They are light but I haven't priced them and sizes/offsets are limited. I'd like light, strong wheels, preferably with even-spaced spokes. Not over $600 each. Submit suggestion!
    Update: I have since fitted the body and decided to try these for the first round. WDS179TC105N511449TS 17x9 Wedsport TC105N 5x114.3 ET49 Titanium Silver, for the front and WDS1795TC105N511432TS 17x9.5 Wedsport TC105N 5x114.3 ET32 Titanium Silver for the rear.
    Continental DOT3 slicks: 225/45 and 245/45 are fitted.
    Aluminum STI lower control arms (perhaps '11 + design) and fully adjustable rear suspension.
    Considering MCS and other two-way racing shocks.
    Custom tubular sway bar for front. Rear TBD
    Update: I have made my own LCAs and am using an S2000 spindle. I've saved about six pounds per side, not including brakes.
    Engine (almost everything is here, ready to assemble):
    V-flanged twin-scroll Blouch 1.5 XTR?
    Update: now will start with stock GR STi turbo and plastic manifold.
    Twin side mounted A/A intercoolers
    ARP head studs
    Honey Badger 2.3L 3MI destroker DAVCS engine, Ported W25 heads.
    Dailey dry sump
    Bosch 044 inline pump and inline filter
    Aeromotive 13109 A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator.
    Boomba fuel block and rails. 3/8" fuel supply and return line.
    KS Tech MegaMAF (73mm Big MAF CAI) (hybrid Speed Density)
    Ported stock, 60mm throttle body
    Tial Q Vent-To-Atmosphere Blow Off Valve (spring rate unknown)
    Grimmspeed EBCS
    Perrin Crank Pulley
    Custom Ron Davis radiator.
    Small alternator and low-speed pulley on custom mount
    Setrab oil cooler, Mocal thermal bypass valve, Canton Racing 90 Degree Rotating Remote Oil Filter Adapter (or complete bypass of this area), and Canton remote filter block.
    JEGS breather/A/OS tank for engine venting.
    12-'14 postscript: As of August '14 I realized I needed a sensible, purpose-built motor for the car. I'm in the process of building a destroked motor which will be at 2.34 liters and make about 270 WHP for NASA ST-2.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by Scargo; 02-04-2021 at 07:37 AM. Reason: Postscript/addendum. Adding dyno graph. Corrected spelling.

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