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Thread: Bleeding a Hydraulic Clutch

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    Bleeding a Hydraulic Clutch

    Can someone please tell me how to bleed the clutch on a Tremec Tr6060.
    Chris Canning
    Component Cars Australia

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    Hi Chris,
    If you can pressure bleed it that the easiest. You can also gavity bleed it by just opening the bleeder at the slave. Another method is a 2 person job. Depess the pedal several times and then hold the pedal down as someone opens the bleeder at the slave.

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    Thanks Mike but Im having a hard time locating the bleeder. Its a tight fit but I thought it would visable but cant locate it?. I have a Power Bleeder but it doesnt seem to seal against the Willwood reservoir. Any thoughts?
    Chris Canning
    Component Cars Australia

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    They are a little tricky, in that they are self bleeding, there is no bleed port, at least on the TR3650. What I did was cracked the line as close to the slave as I could and made sure there was fluid through the line. Then I slowly worked the pedal, trying no to go too fast to get air in the fluid, and holding the pedal down at the bottom of each stroke to let the fluid settle into the slave. basically what happens is you push the fluid into the salve, it sinks to the bottom and the air gets pushed back up to the master cylinder and into the reservoir. It definitely takes some time to get it all out, and one thing I found on the mustang boards to help was to jack the drivers side of the car up to get the inlet as high as you can to get as much air as you can out. Since you are in Australia, you want to jack the side of the car that the lines goes into, might be the passenger side on yours.

    I actually think I still have a little air in the system, but it really started to work itself out when I started driving the car, I think all the vibrations helped the air move out.

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    Thanks DOHCCOBRA I was going insane looking for a bleeder.
    My hose connection at the box is a push on pressure fitting with a retaining clip. Am I understanding correctly that I crack the system open by removing the pin and opening the connection point to the box?
    Chris Canning
    Component Cars Australia

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    That is what I did at that point, I changed all those fittings out but that is the point that I opened the line to get fluid too. It probably isn't necessary to do that, but after pushing the pedal for what seemed to be about 5 minutes I wasn't getting any thing to happen, so I did that. It really is a job of patience.

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    Thanks again. Ive had a go and was wondering if you have the part number for this "patience" you speak of. Do Summit stock it.
    Chris Canning
    Component Cars Australia

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    Unfortunately I haven't found a place that keeps it in stock and I seem to be running low, so if you so find it somewhere, pass it one!

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