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Thread: Vintage air amp draw

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    Vintage air amp draw

    Does anyone know the amp draw for the vintage air heater in the MK4? I would like to install a set of seat heaters that draw 12 amps on high in total. I have the heater on a 30amp and would like to combine as the car is finished and this seems the easiest route. Don't want to risk testing as my fused multi meter is 10amp. Thanks in advance, Ken

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    I don’t know what the total draw is but they have a 30 amp circuit breaker in their system.

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    An induction type amp meter is what you need, but I would tend to just go for it and carry a few spare fuses. If it turns out to be marginal it could be that running the seat heaters on high while the engine warms enough to get heat, then putting the seats on low when you hit the heater fan switch it would work out. Also, since the 'start' amps of the fan is likely higher than the 'run' amps you might get away w/ turning your seat completely off, starting the fan, and then turning your seat back on.
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    I ran mine off the Radio fuse wire and they work fine. of course I do not have a radio in the vehicle I enjoy listening to the engine rumble.

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    found a 15 amp circuit for driving lights that Art Cuesta left when he did my wire diet. I'm not using so that will be perfect for some toasty seat heaters. Thanks for the replies. Highly recommend Art for anyone doing a wire diet. He is an expert. Thanks, Ken

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