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Thread: svl 818

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    Congrats, with the mild winter were having, it should make for some great driving days.

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    We have had great weather for driving around!

    First thing I did this weekend is open up the transmission to see if I couldn't get 5th gear sorted out. A mechanic friend said it is usually synchro (in which case I'll be getting another transmission) or the nut at the end of the gear train. Since that was work I did converting to 2wd, I'm hoping that was it. So I opened everything up, torqued it to 120 Nm and re-bent the end to secure it. It was about an 8th of a turn further than when I did it the first time, so I did have it loose.

    The project went quicker than I expected and everything is now back together, but I need to add oil. I didn't have any oil to refill the transmission, so I'll run and get that in the morning and give the car a nice run and see how 5th gear works.


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    Hey Steve, so how's that 5th gear running?
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    Progress has been slow.

    Wayne had a similar MT5 transmission, and so I purchased that and got the shipment. I have had time to clean it, paint it, and add new seals. I've done most of the dismantling of the back of the car and have everything but the axels disconnected from the transmission. Once i get that one off the car, I'll have to move the shift fork, electrical connectors, Speedo, and re-do the 2wd conversion. While I would love to finish this weekend, but I'm behind getting a car ready for the next Lemons race, so that will take priority until the end of the month.

    I would REALLY like to the get transmission in and the car running again in time for FF's show in Huntington Beach this year. The body is still exactly as it came from factory five and i've done very little work on the interior, but I would still love to get the down to so-cal and back. So push come to shove, I might have to take a day off from work to get there.


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    How'd you prep the transmission for paint? I degreased mine with foaming degreaser but I'd say it's a long way from being clean enough to be paintable.

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    It wasn't too bad to clean up. I did a better job on this one than the last one. This transmission was cleaner than the last, more "crusty" than greasy. So here is the before picture. First step was I wire brushed it, then I used a little simple green to clean up some more of the oil, and then dried and went at it with a smaller wire brush. After that I sprayed a metal prep (I no longer know the name as the label is gone), dried and then painted. I wasn't looking for perfection and there is plenty of dirt in the corners that I just sprayed over :-)


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    Do you have plans for your old transmission?

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    Steve, for incentive to get that tranny in and running, I'll buy your first 3 beers at HB. Get to work!
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    @Lance, I have no plans for the transmission.

    I've never rebuilt one before, so I have this thought that if I store it in the garage, some day after the body and interior of the 818 is done, I'll open it up and see if I figure out what was wrong. Of course, it may just sit in the garage until I move and have to deal with it...

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    @Pete, I'm making progress and hoping to take you up on it.

    I'll make no progress this week as we are racing at Sears this weekend, but after that I should be able to get it running again. I managed to remove the old one, and get the new one partially installed this weekend. I couldn't figure out how to get the axels out without mostly disassembling the rear suspension, so I'll be redoing the alignment too. I have 1 half back together, now I need to get the other half, then convert to 2wd, hook the rest up of the bits, bolt on the rear, fill it up and drive south to meet you for a beer. It will definitely won't be a show car as it will be a still be a work in progress, but hoping to be ready for a road trip.

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