Well, time to start a build thread! #154, an R. I am building it with the intent to autocross. I am hoping SCCA will be reasonable, so I'm building to X-Prepared rules.

Factory build date was 3/8/14. My fault, it was picked up late by Stewart, and finally made it out west mid April. In talking to Jolene, I learned that it was in a "railroad pack" (on a truck) to Phoenix, and then would be loaded on a truck for Colorado. Since I was in Tucson escaping the snow, I drove up to Phoenix and picked it up. Saved a few bucks, and had a trouble free delivery, loaded into my race trailer.

Now I have left Tucson for the summer, and I have the car in my barn in SW Colorado. Time to get to work.

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Face to face with the donor. After reading about the troubles people have with the wrecked, high milage cars, I bought a donor from a friend, a one owner Texas car.

Nice to meet ya'll!

Will fill in some details as I go.