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Thread: Exhaust heat shields...

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    Exhaust heat shields...

    What have you put on your side pipes for heat shields? Where did you buy them? Cost?? Thanks for the input!!!

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    I am using DrummerMike's stainless units. They.... are.... the... bomb. I left them in the brushed finish Mike supplies...

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    jet hot ceramic coating - it works
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    Second vote for DrummerMike's shields. It's important to add this protection for your passengers. Ironically, my daughter burned her leg badly about 6 hours after I placed my order. You don't want that on your conscience. Mike can make them in polished stainless or steel with ceramic coating to match your sidepipes.
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    I cermaic'd the pipes as well. My heat shields get warm to the touch but nothing that will remove layers of skin. The section I am concerned about most is the front end of the pipe where a little kid in a parking lot might bump into them.
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    Custom Fluid Line Clamping Systems and Custom Coatings


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    Looks good, and if it save burns...Great !
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    Third vote for DrummerMikes's shields ; nice quality ; gentleman and delivered like he wrote me. Less than 300$ delivered in Quebec, Canada
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    I use a "The Pipes are Hot" heat sleeve on the passenger side whenever I give rides to children, women and unsophisticated riders (meaning ones that might overlook staying clear of the pipe). I like that the insulated sleeve even covers the discharge end of the pipe. Notice that end of the exhaust pipes extends past metal heat shields. I have an ulterior motive as well, in that I assist these passengers with the fit of their belts, and with their release as well when the ride is over. Before buying my MKII several years ago (2004), I rode in a friend's MKI and noticed he had a few paint chips on the top of the passenger door. That, he said, had been caused by passengers flipping off their shoulder belts, with the metal belt adjustment piece hitting the door and chipping the paint. With these same passengers with whom I use the heat sleeve, I always come around the car and help them out of the vehicle at the end of a ride: they never touch the sleeve. I like that this works without adding bulk to the diameter of the side pipes. I have to be careful about not leaving the sleeve on the pipe when I start the car and leave: that blows the sleeve clean off! I have had to retrace my steps to retrieve the sleeve a few times, but no one has ever burned themselves on my pipes with this technique.

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    I bought a nice welding blanket to lay over the pipes for people getting in and and will be easy to sew up some sleeves.....I just haven't done it yet.

    I do like the shields thought, and may go that way anyway!
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    DrummerMikes in black ceramic $265. incl. shipping. Very easy to install. Jim
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