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Thread: Kit 075 Restart

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    I hope he's done with the car! Mine ought to be done in a month. Soon as I get the paperwork and a plate I'm heading your way with John!

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    So I fiddled around with the car as a roadster for about a year. Was a hoot and I really enjoyed it. Learned a lot about how it went together and so forth. I decided I wanted to up it a notch and add the roof, hood, side skirts, fenders, and paint it. Found a shop that has a very good track record for rods and restorations. Talked to the owner and he is a kindred spirit. Really got along with him well. I decided to let him take the car and finish it, ensure the panels were straight, work the gaps and install all the things in the factory five design I had been unable or unwilling to try. At the end of the day he will paint it. I had mixed emotions about it because I truly enjoyed working on the car. Having someone else do it feels sort of like I am not doing something I should. I bug them to death hanging around the shop watching them work and asking questions. These are really good guys and they are including me in the process so I understand what they are doing. The shop owner is going to let me work on the final body prep and sanding and explain about the fiberglass work. I would have done a lot of damage to the car trying to learn these things on my own so it seemed like a good deal. One of the early benefits is that they have mounted the top and the electric windows and everything is aligned and works. They have installed the hood, side skirts, nose cone and trunk hardware and it works. They have installed the door exterior handles and have installed the interior cup handles and they work. I had to make a few purchases from Factory Five of parts I had lost over the last 2-3 years. After deciding to paint the car I figured it would be smarter to put front fenders on it so I have had them do that as well. Hopefully the build will be essentially complete within a month from now, we are well over halfway through the list of things to do. This has all been done in two weeks.


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    I'm hoping you pick the olive drab airforce theme, have you decided yet?
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    When I got looking I found several similar P40 motifs. Probably will go wit a simpler motif, Dark Blue or Dark Green with gold trim

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    Now that you have a hardtop you may want some snow tires on a spare set of torq thrusts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by erlihemi View Post
    Now that you have a hardtop you may want some snow tires on a spare set of torq thrusts...
    Yep, probably ought to put bumpers on it too

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    Looks like some other interesting autos in shop!

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    Between what he is working on and the things he has complete you can spend hours looking around
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    So we are moving closer to painting. Fenders are in and in place. Fiberglass prep is well at hand.


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    One thing I didn't point out was the elegant solution for the engine compartment skirts. They fabricated a cut away so the skirts can be removed without removing the lights. really first class touch

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    Looking GREAT!
    I may need the name of that shop, as the guys who have had my Porsche build for 9 months haven't done squat.

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    Oh, PS: I bet I still can't fit behind the wheel

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    Took a shot of the hood popped


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    Body Prep continues. We will start the final fiberglass work next week then move to paint prep

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    Of interest the shop has a car that has been in Kory's family for many years. It is a 34 Chevy, all steel


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    So we took the car over to a Fiberglass guy today to repair some of my unnecessary holes and fix a couple of other areas. He will also set the gaps on the doors, trunk, hood and around the grill, finish the front fenders and get the car ready for final prep which should start next week.


    Also while I was there, noticed a very good looking all steel 39 from one of the customers


    Love the sound

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    Looking great! What color are you going with, or did I miss that?

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    Narrowed it down to dark-midnight blue top and silver bottom with an offsetting separator, I like For Straw. Still haven't closed the door on one color Dark blue with an stripe

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    They got a lot of work done on the car this week. Emphasis was on building the structural integrity in some of the weak areas and adding material to areas that are short. There were several holes I drilled for the Quik Latches that were filled and a lot of building up of material on the door edges. Extensive work will be required to fit the grill to the nose cone, hood, and hood skirts. They built a lip on the rear fenders and still have some work to do on the front fenders. One disappointment was the top seam of the two piece door along the windows was not bonded with matte. There was only resin in there and a good deal of it was built up. The result was a series of weak joints so there will have to be some pretty hefty work on the doors.


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    Looks like it is coming right along! Can't wait to see at its completion.
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    Thanks, got another update today. The doors are molded in two pieces then joined together. For my car there was a very significant weakness at the top seam. Instead of a good bond using glass, the seam was bonded with only resin. Being hard to get to, Tom decided to go across the top of the door and lay a couple of glass layers to strengthen it structurally. Also, the nose cone was askew or warped. We decided that it will need to be split, narrowed and reassembled. I noticed they sent pics of the front fenders being worked on as well.


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    I've been avoiding the doors while I play with other modifications for the reasons above. I think some of the glass did get a little better as production #s increased. I was thinking about putting a TEE inside the door along the mold line to stiffen it up. I have to get the glass in to check clearance , but, you may want to look at that. Make sure you get the suicide safety latches also. The whole door needs stiffening and I would put taller stops in place of the hex bolts supplied on the hinge stops.

    Looking good!!

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    Point well taken. I argued the reinforcement would have been a lot better had it been done before the doors were mounted and filled with hardware.

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